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Ground: A Retrospective Exhibition of Ruudt Peters

Ruudt Peters

In collaboration with Ornamentum Gallery, MassArt presents Ground: A Retrospective Exhibition of Ruudt Peters. Ruudt Peters uses the Alchemical concepts of Micro/Macro and Above/Below in his jewelry. Grounding is an important factor in how Peters approaches his work. Blind drawing and working from the subconscious allow him to access images other than those generated by the conscious brain. Peters’ work has evolved from his sleek cool designs in the 70’s to a more visceral approach. These works are autobiographical and render the various stages of his life. The exhibition GROUND will feature work from over 4 decades of the Ruudt Peters' career.

About Ruudt Peters

Ruudt PetersOver the past four decades, Ruudt Peters has continuously challenged the traditions of jewelry as an art form. A leader of the conceptual side of the discipline, Peters is also recongized as a pioneer in exhibiting his jewelry within installations as compelling as the jewelry objects themselves. Recurring themes of alchemy and the world religions create the basis for unconventional material and form experimentation, the resulting works engaging philosophically as well as visually. As an educator, Peters has helped mold countless minds of the next generation(s) of jewelry provacateurs, having held positions at such prestigious institutions such as the Rietveld Academy (NL), Konstfack (Sweden) and Alchimia school for jewelry in Italy, in addition to lectures and workshops internationally and at his own summer academy.


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