Bachelor of Fine Arts

One of the world’s oldest art forms, fiber is a rich source of creative inspiration.

The fibers program teaches students both traditional and innovative techniques for working with fiber in two and three dimensions. Courses are offered in weaving, surface design, hand papermaking, interlacing, dyeing, constructions, and collage. Students are encouraged to investigate fibrous materials for their potential as sculptural, architectural, and functional objects and for their use in mixed-media installations and site-specific environments.

Advanced seminars provide an opportunity to discuss current contemporary art-making issues in fibers. Students research the topics and artists important to their own development, and visiting artists, slide lectures, studio visits, and exhibitions enrich classroom discussions.

The program emphasizes creative approaches to design, the use of new media including computer applications, and the accumulation of technical knowledge.

Facilities include a room dedicated to papermaking and space for the construction of large-scale fiber projects.


Nathalie Miebach, MSAE '02, MFA '06

Baskets have been used across centuries and continents to hold nature's bounty-from grain to berries to bread. In Miebach's hands, this age-old medium becomes a means of transmitting information about a determinant of that bounty: weather. Her basket formations offer three-dimensional grids upon which she records changes in barometric pressure, temperature, and cloud cover. By expanding and questioning the boundaries through which science data has been traditionally translated, she seeks to provoke expectations of what kind of visual vocabulary is considered to be in the domain of 'science' or 'art.'