Tanja Conley

Title: Associate Professor

Degrees: Dipl. Arch, MArch,Technical University Belgrade; MFA, Central European University Prague; PhD, Cornell University

Professional Experience

  • Stari Ras and Sopocani (included on UNESCO World Heritage List; City of Sremski Karlovci (17th-19th centuray urban core)
  • Urban and Cultural Landscape Preservation: "Belgrade within the Moat," Fruška Gora (a national park- natural and cultural heritage)
  • Architectural Conservation and Revitalization: Medieval cities - Stari Gar, Stari Ras; Medieval Fortresses - Fetislam, Manasji, řčŠabac; Medieval Monasteries - Sopocani, Mileševa, Nova Pavilica, Zica, Naupara, Velučce


  • Book in progress: Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana: Defining National Architecture Between the Tribal and Imperial 
  • Belgrade and Beyond: Reading the Nation through Serbian Cityscapes, Nationalities Papers, vol. 41, January 2013, pp 1-108. Editor. Contributed, "The Backdrop of Serbian Statehoods; Morphing Faces of the National Assembly in Belgrade," pp 65-90; 
  • Socialist Housing in Belgrade, research project, Faculty of Architecture Belgrade 2010-2014; 
  • Nationalizing Belgrade: Reading Serbian and/or Yugoslav Civic Iconographies, special issue of the Nationalities Papers. Editor and Contributor, Routledge 2011;
  • Capital Cities in the Aftermath of Empires: Planning in Central and Southeastern Europe. Co-editor. Contributed, "Shaping Capital Cities in Central and Southeastern Europe" and "Belgrade," 
Routledge 2010; 
  • Editor and Contributor, Valtrovic and Milutinovic, 3-volume edition, Museum National History, Belgrade 2005-2008;
  • Book: Czech-Serbian Architectural Connections 1918-1941, Belgrade 2004

Presentations and Lectures
Citizens and the City Making Conference, 10th BINA - Belgrade International Architecture Week; "Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana: Peripheral Modernism between the Tribal and Imperial", MassArt 
Tuesday-Talk; Lectures: Cornell University, University of Texas, Charles University, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, International Architecture Week