The MassArt Auction and Paddle8


Frequently Asked Questions

No more paper and pencils! The MassArt Auction is pleased to partner with Paddle8 to make your bidding experience efficent and seamless. Preview and bid online at and bid at the event through Paddle8 iPads and iPhone app. 

When can I see the artwork online? How long will it be available for viewing?
All live and silent auction artwork is available for preview on

You can also browse the artwork by downloading the free Paddle8 app to your iPhone (iOS7 operating system or higher required) or by visiting from any smart phone platform.

Silent Auction artwork will be available for bidding on Paddle8 starting at noon on March 28 through 10:30 pm on the night of the Auction on April 12. Guests at the event will be bidding in real time against those who are bidding through

I can't attend the event but am interested in bidding in the Live Auction. How do I arrange for a proxy bidder?
You can arrange for a Live Auction proxy bidder through Paddle8 or by contacting Associate Director of Fundraising Events Liz Herring at or 617.879.7012.

Do I need a Paddle8 account?
If you would like to bid online BEFORE the event, you will need to create a account. You can bid on artwork online at or through the iPhone Paddle8 app (iOS7 operating system or newer required).

For those who are attending the event and have an existing Paddle8 account, the Auction paddle number you will receive at check-in will be linked to the email address you use to set up your Paddle8 account. If you are unsure if you have a Paddle8 account or do not remember which email address you provided to Paddle8, a Paddle8 staff person can assist you.

You do not need to create a Paddle8 account before the Auction if you are planning to only bid at the event. During check-in, guests will receive unique paddle numbers that they can use to bid on the iPads provided by Paddle8 or through the iPhone app.

What time will the silent auction sections close?
ALL SILENT AUCTION SECTIONS CLOSE AT 10:30 PM. This will allow us to close the Auction at the event and online in one clean sweep.

Will you show people how to use the Paddle8 iPads at the Auction?
After guests check in, a volunteer will be available to demonstrate how to bid on the Paddle8 iPad and iPhone app. Guests can also ask any staff person in a green MassArt shirt how to bid during the event.

Can I bid from my iPhone? Can I bid from an Andriod phone?

iPhone users can download the free Paddle8 app if they have the iOS7 software update or newer. You can download the app from the App Store.

For those who have not upgraded to iOS7 operating system or are using a different smart phone platform, you can bid from Paddle8's mobile website by entering into your browser

I placed my bid, now what?
After placing your bid, Paddle8 will alert you by text message and/or email if you have been outbid. You can bid again by visiting any of the iPads in the gallery or by using the Paddle8 iPhone app.

How do I place a maximum bid? Can Paddle8 bid on my behalf?

Yes. Paddle8 will bid on your behalf  when you enter a maximum bid. You may place a maximum bid by entering a bid amount greater than the next stated bid. Paddle8 will then bid on your behalf up to that amount. If someone out bids your maximum bid, Paddle8 will alert you by text message and you may place another bid.

I want to purchase an artwork outright. Will there be a BUY NOW option? Will this option be available for all artworks?
All silent auction artworks may be purchased outright for 150% of their fair estimated values through the BUY NOW option. You are guaranteed that artwork and cannot be outbid when you purchase an item through the BUY NOW option. Select the BUY NOW option under your desired lot on the Paddle8 website, iPad, or app and follow the prompts.

BUY NOW is not an option for Live Auction artwork.

What do I do if I need help bidding at the event?
If any point during the event you need help bidding talk to one of our volunteers wearing a green MassArt t-shirt.

We will also have volunteers walking around with iPads assisting guests with their bidding. You can bid on any silent auction artwork with one of these volunteers.

You can also select the "Assist" button on the Paddle8 iPads and someone from Paddle8 will meet you at that iPad to help you with your bid.

How do I know if I have won something? How do I check out?
All silent auction sections will close at 10:30 pm. After 10:30 pm, guests will receive an email notification from Paddle8 with their total winnings, including any silent auction or live auction purchases and Raise Your Paddle donations. Guests can then check out through the prompts provided in that email or by visiting the check out station located across the hall from the galleries. 

Can I pick up artwork at the Auction?
No. Guests can pick up their artwork one of three ways:
1) Pick up work in the Bakalar & Paine Galleries on Wednesday, April 16 or Thursday, April 17 between 4 - 7 PM; or
2) Have work delivered to your home in the Metro Boston area for free; or
3) Have work professionally shipped at the expense of the purchaser.

The Office of Fundraising Events will contact buyers who did not make pick-up/delivery arrangements the week following the Auction.

Guests can make artwork pick up arrangements during check-out or by contacting the Office of Fundraising Events

More Questions?
Contact Associate Director of Fundraising Events Liz Herring at or 617.879.7012