Save the Date - April 9, 2016

Karen Keane, Skinner Auction House
26th Annual Auction
Pozens and President Kurt Steinberg
Wes and Ashley Karger
Raise the Paddle

Thank you to all our sposnors, guests, and artists who made the 26th Annual MassArt Auction a record-breaking success! The 2015 MassArt Auction raised over $1 Million in support of student scholarships and our academic programs. Thanks to all of you we will continue to ensure that deserving MassArt students receive an exceptional education, regardless of their ability to pay.

Since 1873, MassArt has remained the nation’s only independent public college of art and design. Its founders believed in a better future for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by educating students in the artistic practice. Through the years, MassArt has maintained its powerful academic reputation and continues to be a leading incubator for the creative economy. Your support of the MassArt Auction is an investment in a MassArt education and the development of future artists and designers. Fostering this creative innovation plays a central role in enhancing our cultural and economic lives for years to come.

Check out the 2015 MassArt Auction in the Boston Globe, and see how you contributed to the MassArt Auction story.

Want to learn more about the MassArt Auction? Watch our 2015 Auction video:


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