MassArt Foundation

The MassArt Foundation is a charitable corporation exempt from taxation under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code that raises funds for programs at MassArt and oversees its endowment. Last year the foundation distributed more than $1.5 million in scholarships, awards, and grants.

Established a quarter century ago, the foundation is led by a thirty-member Board of Directors and its committees work in concert with the college's senior leadership to identify and shape fundraising priorities.

Contributors to the MassArt Foundation recognize the tremendous opportunity that a MassArt education provides to aspiring artists, designers, and educators seeking to make a difference through their chosen craft.

MassArt Foundation Board of Directors 2014-2015

Tali Kwatcher, Chair
Jennifer Harrington, Vice Chair
Jill Kravetz, Vice Chair
Jeremy Pozen, Treasurer
Marjorie O'Malley, Executive Director and Clerk

Robert Bachelder
Emma Calus
Richard Coffman
Caroline Collings, Honorary Director
Deanna Fulp
Robert Gatof
Nicholas Greville, Honorary Director
Trevania Henderson, Chair Emerita
William Hicks, Chair Emeritus
Consuelo Arostegui Isaacson
Charles Jobson
Alison Judd '07
Wesley Karger
Brian Kinney
Fred Leichter
Marcia Lloyd, Director At Large
Kristina Hare Lyons
Ed Morata
Diane Nordin
Paul Pflugfelder
Susan Rothenberg, Honorary Director
Jeff Rutchik
Susan Schechter, Chair Emerita, Trustee Representative
Kathy Sharpless
Jodi Slater
Katherine Sloan, College President Emerita, Honorary Director
Kurt Steinberg, Acting College President
Ken Strickland, Provost
Valentine Talland
John Thompson '05
Elissa Warner
Cheryl Warrick '88, Honorary Director
David Webster
Lynn Tibbets, Foundation Controller
Peg Tuitt, Secretary to the Foundation