2011 Faculty Fellows

Professor Robert Gerst, Liberal Arts

Awarded the 2011 Charlotte Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, in support of Making Film History, the first film history text to integrate filmmaking exercises as essential components of the narrative to appear in print and digital editions.

Associate Professor Steve Gentile, Animation

Awarded the 2011 Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, in support of the production of new time-based animated film using high definition technology.

Professor Janna Longacre, Fine Arts 3D (Ceramics)

Awarded the 2011 William Hicks Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, for support of artist residencies in Vietnam and China during her FY12 sabbatical year.

Assistant Professor Jonathan Santos, Studio Foundation

Awarded the 2011 Kelner Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, insupport of his transdisciplinary research and documentation of white feral rock pigeons in Oahu, Hawaii and Seville, Spain.

Associate Professor Gretchen Skogerson, Film/Video

Awarded the 2011 Bruce Dayton Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, in support of her feature-length experimental video entitled Strange Play.

Associate Professor Shou-chih 'Isaac' Yen, History of Art

Awarded the 2011 Marilyn Pappas Faculty Fellowship of $5,000, in support of the completion of his book project entitled Xu Wei's Pictorial.