2007 Faculty Fellows

Fred Liang, Fine Arts 2D

Awarded the 2007 William Hicks Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to study and research traditional Chinese woodblock printing techniques with the master printers at The Rongboazhai Printshop in Beijing, China.

Joanne Lukitsh, Art History

Awarded the 2007 Marilyn Pappas Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to research original source archives in Europe, New Jersey, and California, for her forthcoming book exploring the exchanges between photographers and painters, sculptors and graphic artists in mid-Victorian England.

James Read, Environmental Design (Industrial Design)

Awarded the 2007 Bruce Dayton Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to refine and further develop his Inshade concept ("a portable means of shade at the beach") using naturally occurring aesthetic forms.

Dan Serig, Art Education

Awarded a 2007 Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 for travel to Ecuador to lay the groundwork for an MSAE travel course to be introduced in summer 2008.

Heather White, Fine Arts 3D

Awarded the 2007 Charlotte Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to conduct archival research at the Pierpont Morgan Library, referencing their rich collection of flora and fauna manuscripts from the Middle Ages.