2006 Faculty Fellows

Nancy Aleo, Fine Arts 3D

Awarded the 2006 Kelner Faculty Fellowship  of $5,000 to attend a workshop at the Tlapanochestli Cochineal Ranch in Oaxaca, Mexico to learn the process of producing cochineal ink and creating new experimental works.

Leland Burke, Communications Design

Awarded the 2006 William Hicks Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to research, conceive, storyboard and do initial production of Primer (a short animated film).

John Giordano, Art Education

Awarded the 2006 Bruce Dayton Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to attend John Paul Caponigro’s course at the Santa Fe Workshops. The skills attained were used to complete a new body of work in conjunction with Heyday (a collaborative interdisciplinary project).

Gretchen Skogerson, Media and Performing Arts

Awarded the 2006 Charlotte Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to complete shoots for Grammars of Hue. This is an hour-long video project that explores the emotional impact of American landscapes, be they corporate or domestic, urban or more remote.

Nita Sturiale, Media and Performing Arts

Awarded a 2006 Massachusetts College of Art and Design Foundation Faculty Fellowship of $5,000 to work on a series entitled Terra Firma. The series explores the universal concerns of becoming a global citizen, the balance of work and family, and the science of emotional intelligence.