Corporate Advisory Council

Forging a connection between the college and the business community.

In 2005, the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design was created to serve as the primary liaison between the college and the business community. CAC is comprised of corporate leaders from 40 companies and organizations, along with members of the college, who share a vision of art and design as center to successful business strategy.

The CAC:

  • Serves as a resource to the college
  • Advocates for the leadership role MassArt plays in the creative economy
  • Helps students transition to productive and satisfying careers
  • Takes advantage of the college's resources to meet corporate goals and strategies

Members of CAC come from every part of the corporate spectrum including consumer products, healthcare, financial services, biotechnology, and advertising and communications companies. CAC works with members of the college to develop innovative ways for the college to work with business helping them recruit talent, find solutions to business problems, and in turn, be ambassadors for the college. The goal of CAC is to continue to serve as the critical link that builds new corporate partnerships for the college and increases the visibility of MassArt within the business community. 


Vision and Objectives

Potential Benefits