Shou-chih Yen

Title: Professor

Degrees: BA, National Taiwan Normal University; MA, National Taiwan University; PhD Yale University, History of Art / Dissertation: “Xu Wei’s Zhahua: A Study of Genres”

"The Class of Shi / Wenren and the Art of Painting." In the anthology
          New Perspectives on Chinese History-Art and Archaeology, edited by Professor
          Chuan-ying Grace Yen. Taipei: Academia Sinica, 2010, pp. 297-378.
"Developing Tradition and Opening Fresh Avenues-the Significance of the Achievement
          of Chang Dai-ch'ien, P'u Hsin-yü, and Huang Chün-pi in Chinese Painting."
          The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly 12:3 (spring 1995), 125-150;
          12:4 (summer 1995), 145-168; 13:1 (autumn 1995), 119-150; and 13:2 
          (winter 1995), 151-170.
"Wang Chien [Wang Jian] and Elongated Block Landscape Rhythm."
           Study of the Arts No. 13
           (March 1995), 37-146.
"Fan K'uan [Fan Kuan]." Masters of Chinese Painting Weekly No. 122
           (January 1995), 1-32.
"Wang Shih-min's [Wang Shimin] Mode of ‘Fang-ku [fang gu]' and 
           ‘Fa' of ‘Pi-mo [bi mo]'."
            Study of the Arts No. 10 (September 1993), 21-76.

Exhibition Curating and Catalogue Writing and Editing

Curating the exhibition "Collector's Exhibition of Three Masters: Chang Dai-ch'ien, P'u Hsin-yü and Huang Chün-pi" (Total 221 paintings in the exhibition) in 1993

Grants / Fellowships / Awards
2011 Recipient of Mass Art Foundation "2011 Marilyn Pappas Faculty Fellowship"
         For the book project Xu Wei's Pictorial Play
2006 Recipient of National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Stipend
         For the book project Tang Emperors and Literati as Rival Calligraphers
2004 Yale University, the Frances Blanshard Fellowship Fund Prize
         For the "outstanding doctoral dissertation" "Xu Wei's Zahua: A Study of Genres"
2002 Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
1994 Second Place in the national Chin Ting金鼎 Award Competition, sponsored 
        by National News Division, Taiwan (ROC), for the catalogue Collector's Exhibition
        of Three Masters: Chang Dai-ch'ien, P'u Hsin-yü, and Huang Chün-pi

Academic and Teaching Experience
September 2004 ~ Present
       Department of the History of Art
       Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Mass Art), Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Courses offered at Mass Art:
Survey of Chinese Art
Survey of Japanese Art
Cultural Crossing-China & Japan after 1840s (seminar)
Methodologies of the History of Art (seminar)
All courses require students to write research papers.

Professional Experience
September 1996 ~ August 1998
     Editor, Exhibition Department, National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)
September 1991 ~ September 1996
     Editor-in-chief of the Bimonthly Bulletin of the National Museum of History 5:1
     (June 1,1995) ~ 6:4 (August 31, 1996)
     Curator & Editor, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)