Peter Wayne Lewis

Title: Professor

Degrees: BFA & MFA, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Professor of Painting Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA & former FA2D Chairman. Peter Wayne Lewis was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies, immigrated to the USA in 1962, and made his home in Sacramento, California. He became a US Naturalized Citizen in 1983 and received his Masters of Arts Degree in painting in 1979 from San Jose State University California. Hecurrently resides in South Orange, NJ, Boston, MA, and Beijing, China.

Exhibitions  Seeing Jazz at the Smithsonian Museum Washington DC; Art Document at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Sapporo, Japan; Otaru Municipal Art Museum Otaru, Japan; America Haus Stuttgart Germany; Museum of Modern Art Dominican Republic; Miami Art Museum; New Orleans Museum of Art; Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum, Muira Museum Matsuyama, Japan; Joslyn Museum; National Gallery of Art Kingston, Jamaica; Yassine Art Center Dakar Senegal; Triton Museum of Art Santa Clara California; San Jose Museum of Art San Jose, CA; Monterey Museum of Art; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Rosenberg+Kaufman Fine Art New York City, NY; Frederick Spratt Gallery San Jose, CA; Stella Jones Gallery New Orleans, LA; Bogena Gallery San Paul Du Vence, France; Promo-Arte Gallery Tokyo, Japan; JAYJAY Gallery Sacramento, CA; Beijing Booster Paintings at NY Arts Gallery Beijing, China; Golf Club Gallery Furth im Wald Germany, Rhythmic Brushwork at Danforth Museum, Boston, MA; 15th Anniversary Show at Parish Gallery Washington, D.C.; New Possessions at Art Museum of the Americas Washington, D.C.; American Painting Group Exhibition at 3+3 Gallery Beijing, China; Biennial of Art National Gallery of Jamaica; LICHT UND SHATTEN, exhibition Project thru 2055 Stachesried, Germany; Galleria on Third Beijing, China; 35th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations Jamaica and The Peoples Republic of China, JAYJAY Gallery & 40 Acres Gallery Sacramento, CA; Stadtische Galerie im Cordonhaus Cham, Germany; Sunshine International Museum, Annual Exhibition 08, Beijing, China; OLYMPIC FINE ART 2008 Beijing, China; Skoto Gallery Paintings from Middle Earth 4, New York, NY; Stronger than fear is Hope at Schmalfuss Berlin Contemporary Fine Art, PROMO-ARTE, Tokyo, Japan; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 3; Matthias Kuper Galleries,Stuttgart|Beijing, Beijing, China; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 2; JAYJAY, Sacramento, CA; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 1; Green T- House Galleries, Beijing, China; Peter Wayne Lewis: Beijing Homage Booster Scrolls; Pickled Art, Unit # 1, Beijing, China; GREETINGS FROM KINGSTON/NEW YORK-Paintings; PROMO-ARTE, Tokyo, Japan; Peter Wayne Lewis Paintings; The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2012 Beijing International Art Biennale; Inside Out Art Museum Beijing, China, Inaugural Opening Exhibition of International Artists; GLOBALETICS-ART FOR CHANGE Multitudes Contemporary Art Center Miami, FL; ARTAFRICA-ART MIAMI Miami, FL; JayJay, Sacramento, CA; FROM THE BACK ROOM; Stephen D.Paine Gallery, Boston, MA; SELECTIONS 11; Norman Parish Gallery,Washington, DC; 20th Anniversary Show; Chung Shan National Gallery: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei; 2011 INTERNATIONAL PAPER ARTEXHIBITION; Museum of Contemporary Art of Cusco, Peru; Dialogus: Mixing Culture Thru Art. Other locations: Palacio Municipal-Plaza Cusipata, Cusco andSala de Cultura Scotiabank, Palacio del Inka Tupac Yupanqui Cusco and Cultural Center of Inca Garcilaso of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lima.; Oasis Gallery-Beijing; 2 AMERICAN MASTERS+ONE, STUART DIAMOND+KOFIKAYIGA+PETER WAYNE LEWIS; Multitudes Contemporary Art Center TeleAmerica, Miami, FL; Caribbean Canvas: Identity in an era of Globalization Jiujiang Art Museum, Jinjiang, China; 2016 EXHIBITION OF INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIONAL & ABSTRACT ART Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan; The 14th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art Swerdlow Art Group, Miami, FL; INTERSECTIONS: TRANS-CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS International Art Center, Shandong, China; LINYI INTERTANTIONAL ART EXHIBITION Dali Contemporary Art Center, Gucheng, Dali, China; DRAW MAPPING MADNESS Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan; AFRO CARIBBEAN ART EXHIBITION Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing, China; MAPPING MADNESS The Gallery of Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University, Hunan, China China International Art Fair, Hunan, China Beijing Ninth Floor Museum, Beijing, China; MICRO-ART EXPOSITION Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan; CARIBBEAN CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION Contemporary Arts Center, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China; INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIONAL & ABSTRACT ART Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan; ALL LATIN AMERICAN ARTISTS' WORKS INTRODUCED BYPROMO-ARTE Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan; LATIN AMERICAN ART TODAY Skoto Gallery, New York, NY, BLACK & GRAY A GROUP SHOW OF GALLERY ARTISTSchmalfuss Berlin Contemporary Fine Art, Berlin, Germany; STRONGER THAN FEAR IS HOPE Multitudes Gallery, Miami, FL; ART BASEL | MIAMI BEACH: PETER WAYNE LEWIS:BOOSTER PAINTINGS Matthias Kuper Galleries Stuttgart / Beijing, Beijing, China; PETER WAYNE LEWIS,TOMAS VU DANIEL, FRED LIANG, and BODO KORSIG

Lectures  UCCA-ULLENS CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART Beijing, China; BOOSTER PAINTINGS with Philip Tinari Director, Professor Ding Ning Peking University; NYU Black Rennaisance Noir magazine launch with Quincy Troupe; American Center Beijing, China; American Center Sapporo, Japan, University of California Berkley; Syracuse University, San Francisco Art Institute, San Jose State University, Drew University; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Pratt Institute; Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Curatorial Projects  Ramona Gallery New York Boston High Tea #1, Two Lines Gallery 798 - Beijing, China, Renee Cox-Queen Nanny of the Maroons; In conjunction with the Embassy of Jamaica; Han Chang Liang - Perfume Painting; Boston High Tea #2 Master Print + In conjunction with Massachusetts College of Art Foundation; Marathon-Yi Ling Laurens Tan Li Xiao Feng, Sunshine International Museum Annual Exhibition 2008 International GalleriesSongzhuang/ Beijing, China; Oasis Gallery 318 International Art Compound Beijing, China: Li Gang, Laurens Tan, Li Xiao Feng, Renee Cox, Kofi Kayiga, Dr.Lorenzo Pace, Francesco Mastalia, Stuart Diamond, Han Chang Liang, Roland Fisher, New York Art Gallery-Beijing, Cn.Group Show; 35th Year Jamaica/China International relationship at Hilton Galleries Beijing, CN, Laurens Tan + PeterLewis at Oasis Gallery Beijing, Cn; Olympic Fine Art Exhibition at Tia MaoTemple in Forbidden City, Beijing, China-Kofi Kayiga, Bryan Mc Farlane, Courtenay Hogarth, Peter Lewis; Fever a Group Show at Oasis Gallery to Honorhis Excellency Ambassador Courtenay Rattray of Jamaica, Beijing, China; Gang of 4 at Oasis Gallery Beijing; CN-Li Gang, Kofi Kayiga, Stuart Diamond + Peter Lewis, Lilly Morris-Beijing Lily Pad Paintings at Unit 1 Gallery 798 Beijing, CN; Big bash at Oasis a group show, Roland Fisher, Li Xiaofeng, Wei Baogang, Jinr Zhang Beijing, China; Miika Benedetti Coma at Unit 1 798 Beijing, CN., Li Gang; Photographs at Oasis Gallery Beijing, CN, Boston vs Beijing Lavaughn Jenkins + Gao Ping at Unit 1 798 Beijing, CN; Jeanne Aurel Schneider Paintings at 80 Oasis Gallery Beijing, CN; Invited Summer artists: We Baogang + Wu Zhenhuan + Gao Ping at Matthias Kuper Galleries Stuttgart/Beijing; 4321 TomasVu Daniel, Fred liang, Bodo Korsig, Peter Wayne Lewis at Matthias Kuper Galleries Stuttgart/Beijing; Inside Out Art Museum Beijing Cn, Opening Exhibiiton of International Artists - Bodo Korsig, Bard Breivik, Saint Clair Cemin, Li Xiaofeng 2012 Beijing Biennial at National Art Museum of China Beijing, China

Previous Teaching  University of California Berkeley; San Francisco Art Institute; Syracuse University; San Jose State University; Pratt Institute New York

Gallery Affiliations  Stephen Rosenberg Fine Art New York, Skoto Gallery NewYork, NY; Promo-Arte Tokyo, Japan; JAYJAY- Fine Art Sacramento, California; Matthias Kuper Galleries Stuttgart, Germany; Schmalfuss Berlin Contemporary Fine Art, Berlin, Germany

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