Karen Kurczynski

Degrees: BA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; MA, PhD, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts

Publications "Beyond Primitivism: Cobra and Post-Cobra", co-writer, RES; "Drawing Is the New Painting", Art Journal; "Asger Jorn, Popular Art, and the Kitsch-Avant-Garde", Kitsch: History, Theory, Practice, ed. Monica Kjellman-Chapin, London: Cambridge Scholars Press; "Red Herrings: Eccentric Morphologies in the Situationist Times", Expect Everything, Fear Nothing: Scandinavian Situationism in Perspective, ed. Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen and Jakob Jakobsen, Copenhagen; review, "Being Watched: Yvonne Rainer and the 1960s by Carrie Lambert-Beatty", Woman's Art Journal; "Touch Made Visible: Matt Ducklo's Touch Tour Pictures", BlackFlash: Photography and New Media in Art 27; Entry texts, Grove Dictionary of American Art, ed. Joan Marter; "Eccentric Abstraction", "Fashion Moda", "Linda Montano", "Neo-Expressionism", "New Image Painting", "SAMO©", "Situationism"; review, "Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection", Peabody-Essex Museum; Art Papers; "Focus: COBRA", Artforum; "Leveraging Situationism?", Third Text, ed. Gregory Sholette and Gene Ray; "Expression as Vandalism: Asger Jorn's Modifications", RES; "Fordrejet Udtryk [Detourned Expression]", Billedkunst; Multiple book review, "Eva Hesse", Woman's Art Journal; review, "Global Feminisms," Davis Museum, Wellesley College; "Tiger By the Tail! Women Artists of India Transforming Culture", Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University; "Ironic Gestures: Asger Jorn, Informel, and Abstract Expressionism", Abstract Expressionism: An International Language, ed. Joan Marter, Rutgers University Press; review, "Edvard Munch: The Modern Life of the Soul", MOMA; Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide; "Asger Jorn and the Avant-Garde," Rutgers Art Review

Samuel F. B. Morse Fellowship, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU; Henry P. Tappan Art History Award, University of Michigan; Phi Beta Kappa; John Rich Fellowship for Academic Merit, University of Michigan; Graduate Teaching Fellow, New York University; Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship, New York University; Fulbright Full Grant, research in Denmark; American Scandinavian Foundation Research Fellowship (declined); Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst Summer Language Grant

Artist Statement
I teach and write about post-WWII European and global contemporary art using a wide range of methodologies, from psychoanalysis to feminist approaches; but my primary interests are related to the development of social art history and post-Marxist art history since the 1970s. I'm interested in the social role of art, looking at art from a sociological and anthropological point of view, and paying attention to how power relationships and ideologies are expressed in art. But I am also fascinated with the way personal expression intersects with broader social discourses.