Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder. Kissing the Wall #5 with Yellow, 1990, metal strapping, spools of thread and wool, plastic cord, cloth, wood chair, oil and latex and acrylic paint, fluorescent light, paper, glue. Courtesy of The Carol and Arthur Goldberg Collection. Photo: Clements Photography & Design, Boston.

Tower Auditorium

One of the most significant multimedia artists to emerge from the late twentieth century, Jessica Stockholder is a pioneer of genre-breaking installations. Whether a small scale work in a gallery or a site-specific piece blanketing an urban intersection, Stockholder's spatial interventions express an unrelenting interest in the bodily experience of color and materiality. Her work tears away the edges between mediums, each piece brought to life in an improvisational fashion, using large blocks of bright color as catalysts to shift from one type of surface to another.

This talk is made possible by a generous grant to deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum from the Grover J. Cronin Memorial Foundation, and is hosted by MassArt.  All attendees will receive a free pass to vist the deCordova.