Juan Obando Museum Mix Tape

Bakalar & Paine Galleries

Suzanne Barnes
Ericka Beckman
Rick Brown & Laura Brown '93
James Cambronne
Robert Coppola
Nancy Cusack
Lars Fischer
Matthew Hinçman '93
Kofi Kayiga
Steve Locke '01
James McLeod
Laura McPhee
Juan Obando
Juan Ormaza
Lyssa Palu-ay '01
James M. Read
Irina Rozovsky '07
Amber Davis Tourlentes
Wojciech Wolynski
Joe Wood

Free and open to the public.

Reception: Tuesday, January 26, 6:30-­8:00PM

Selections features the remarkable work of MassArt professors who are newly hired or returning from sabbatical. A venue for faculty to showcase their work, often in experimental directions or media, this exhibition is a perennial favorite. Representing all facets of the college, Selections highlights the work of our multitalented faculty. Exploring aesthetic, sociopolitical, cultural, and design issues, faculty members have developed a diverse range of works: from an affordable water pump for subsistence farmers and important statements on social injustice to sumptuous explorations of nature, enamel self-parodies, and collaborations with young rappers who perform interventionist critiques of art museums. Works on view include site-specific installation, photography, video, sculpture, painting, and works on paper.

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 12:00-6:00PM
Wednesday: 12:00-8:00PM