Looking to Learn

Engaged Visual Learning for 4th through 12th Graders

L2L Speaker Project

Committed to excellence in gallery education, Looking to Learn uses contemporary art as a gateway to imagination, creative skill-building, and personal understanding. Through multiple visits with professional educators in the classroom and gallery, each class offers art-making instruction and guided group conversation. Interactive activities illuminate the themes of each changing exhibition and touch on a variety of learning modalities. Join us in offering your students a vivid and nurturing contemporary art experience!

Looking to Learn's objectives

  • promote visual awareness
  • hone critical thinking
  • nurture confident participation
  • encourage curiosity and creativity
  • facilitate museum literacy
  • inspire lifelong learning


Program design: a three-tiered approach

1. Classroom orientation — one hour in your classroom
Meeting students in their comfort zone, we use visual materials to introduce key concepts and prepare them for the featured exhibition they will see in the MassArt Galleries.

L2L Orientation Visit

2. Gallery visit — 1.5 hours at MassArt
During this interactive guided visit to the MassArt Galleries, students explore ideas specific to the current exhibition. Subsidized transportation is available for eligible groups.

L2L Gallery Visit

3. Follow-up classroom visit — one hour in your classroom
Offered to elementary, middle, and select high school groups, this final classroom session helps to deepen the students' understanding of their gallery experience through the transformative practice of art making.

L2L Follow-up Visit