Ellen Shortell

Title: Professor


Degrees: BA, University of California, Santa Cruz; MA, Tufts University; MPhil, PhD, Columbia University



The Four Modes of Seeing: Essays on Medieval Imagery in Honor of Madeline Harrison Caviness (with Evelyn Staudinger and Elizabeth Pastan), Ashgate Press 2009

Selected Articles

"Visionary Saints in the Gilded Age: The American Afterlife of the Park Abbey Glass," pp. 239-252 in Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz and Hartmut Scholz, ed., Transactions of the 25th International Colloquium of the Corpus Vitrearum, St. Petersburg 2010 (Bern: Lang) 2012

"Erasures and Recoveries of Women's Contributions to Gothic Architecture: The Case of Saint-Quentin, Local Nobility, and Eleanor of Vermandois," pp. 129-174 in Therese Martin, ed., Reassessing the Roles of Women as "Makers" of Medieval Art and Architecture (Leiden: Brill) 2012

"Saint-Quentin, Chartres, and the Narrative of Gothic," pp. 35-44 in Robert O Bork William W Clark, and Abby McGehee, New Approaches to Medieval Architecture (Farnham: Ashgate) 2011

"Shifting Views: Arcade Screens and Chevet Chapels from Saint-Remi to Saint-Quentin" (AVISTA at Kalamazoo 2010, Architecture and Glass in Memory of Anne Prache), pp. 74-76 in AVISTA Forum Journal 20 (2010)

"'The Widows' Money' and Artistic Integration in the Axial Chapel of St-Quentin," pp. 217-36 in The Four Modes of Seeing (2009)

"Villard's Drawings and the Nineteenth-Century Definition of Gothic Architectural Style," AVISTA Forum Journal 18 (2008): 58-60

"Beyond Villard: Architectural Drawings at Saint-Quentin and Design around 1200," AVISTA Forum Journal 15 (2005)

"Turris Basilice Innixe': The Western Tower of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Quentin," pp. 147-156 in Perspectives for an Architecture of Solitude: Essays on Cistercians, Art and Architecture in honour of Peter Fergusson (Cîteaux: Turnhout, Belgium), 2004

"The Plan of Saint-Quentin: Pentagon and Square in the Genesis of High Gothic Design," pp. 123-148 in Ad Quadratum: The Practical Application of Geometry in Medieval Architecture, ed. Nancy Y. Wu, Aldershot: Ashgate Press 2002

"Dismembering Saint Quentin: Gothic Architecture and the Display of Relics," Gesta XXXVI/1 (1997), 32-47

Professional Conferences: Papers and Panels

International Colloquia of the Corpus Vitrearum: Papers delivered in St. Petersburg, 2010; Krakow, 1998; Rouen, 1993, and Erfurt, 1989;

Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid, 2010, Conference on Reassessing the Roles of Women as Makers of Medieval Art and Architecture;

International Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University;

International Congress on Medieval Studies, University of Leeds;

College Art Association;

Society of Architectural Historians;

Invited Lectures

2003  Université de Picardie, Saint-Quentin, Le début de la construction du choeur de la Basilique de Saint-Quentin

2002 University of Connecticut, Eleanor of Vermandois and the Widows of St-Quentin: Female Patronage of Gothic Architecture

2002 Robert Branner Forum for Medieval Art, Columbia University, Building in Stages: Form, Function, and Audience at St-Quentin

2000 The Courtauld Institute, University of London, Medieval Postgraduate Seminar series: Heavenly and Earthly Realms in the Architecture of Saint-Quentin: A Collegiate Church in the Urban Landscape of 13th-Century France

Professional Associations

  • US Committee, Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (international organization for the study and preservation of pre-modern stained glass)
  • AVISTA: Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science, and Art,   Board of Directors


  • MassArt Foundation Faculty Grant
  • Mayor's Medal, City of Saint-Quentin, France