Debra San

Title: Professor

Degrees: BA, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York - Magna cum Laude; MA, University of Massachusetts Boston; PhD, Boston University

"Stanza Test." Literary Matters (forthcoming 2013); "Cento on Exegesis." Exegesis Journal, September 2012; "Like: A Cento of Similes for My Luve." Literary Imagination, May 2010; "First Rate." Essays in Criticism, January 2009; "Literary Punctuation: A Test." Literary Imagination, Spring 2006; "Hiatus of Subject and Verb in Poetic Language." Style, Summer 2005; Critical Studies Handbook of Citation, MassArt, 2002; "The Terpsichorean Poem." Analecta Husserliana LXIII, 2000; "For Poetry." Essays in Criticism, April 1999; "Thinking Mortal Thoughts" (on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics). Philosophy and Literature, Spring 1995; "Mondrian and Webern in Conversation.' Interdisciplinary Humanities, Spring 1995; "Response to an Invitation from Mallarme'." Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 1994-95; "William Carlos Williams's 'Poem.'" The Explicator, Summer 1994; "Dickinson's I'm alive - I guess -." The Explicator, Winter 1994.

Blue Nook, MassArt Mar. - Apr. 2000; MassArt Off Hours (staff and faculty exhibition), Aug. - Oct. 1998; The Brush Gallery, Lowell MA June-July, 1990; Provincetown Museum, May-July, 1982; Neaf Gallery, Northampton, MA June, 1981; Grove St. Gallery, Worcester, MA May 1981; Wistariahurst Museum, Holyoke, MA April-May 1981 
National Endowment for the Humanities grant to participate in ""Literature and the Visual Arts,"" a Harvard University Summer Seminar for College Teachers, June-August 1996
The University Professors Alumni Merit Award (for outstanding doctoral dissertation in the University Professors Program), Boston University, 1994-95; The University Professors Graduate Fellowships, Boston University, 1991-95; Book Award (for outstanding master's thesis in the English Department), UMass Boston, 1988; First Prize, Best of Mixed Media Category, All New England Juried Exhibit, South Shore Art Center, 1981
(a) Conference Presentations:

"Poetic Skepticism about Nature and Natural Law." American Comparative Literature Association, March 2012; "Teaching the Temporal Structure of the Odyssey. Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers, October 2011; "Reading a Poem Aloud." Northeast Modern Language Association, February 2009; "Suspense Lyrical and Narrative in Dickinson's Poems." Emily Dickinson International Society, May 2008; "Sweeney Among the Circles." American Literature Association, May 2007; "Some Poetic Uses of the Word and." Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, April 2007; "The Poem Between the Stanzas." Poetics and Linguistics Association, July 2004; "Burbank, Bleistein, and Herakleitos: A Close Reading of Eliot's Punctuation." American Literature Association, May 2003; "First, Second, and Third Thoughts in the Lyric Poem." Southern Comparative Literature Association, September 2001; "Revisiting Hawthorne's 'The Artist of the Beautiful'" Nathaniel Hawthorne Society, June 2000; "Dickinson's Dream Poems: The Suburbs of a Secret." Nineteenth Century Studies Association, March 2000; "Intersections of Literature and Math." American Comparative Literature Association, February 2000; "On the Interruption of Syntax in Poetic Language." Modern Language Association, December 1998; "The Mise-en-page: Figure-Ground Relationships in Poetic Texts." Modern Language Association, December 1998; "Contingencies of Contextualization." Indiana University Conference in the Humanities, April 1998; "Both Gazer and Gazed Upon: Margaret Atwood On Her Own Image." Northeast Modern Language Association, April 1997; "The Terpsichorean Poem." International Society of Phenomenology, Aesthetics, and the Fine Arts, April 1997; "Dickinson in Recitation." Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, August 1996; "Virtual Dancing in Poetic Spaces." International Association for Philosophy and Literature, May 1995; "Mondrian and Webern in Conversation" National Association For Humanities Education, March-April 1995.

(b) Playwriting:

The Possibilities Between Us, presented by The Fire Dog Theater, Cambridge, MA, 1998; Black Stockings, Blue Champagne, an adaptation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata. Full production by The Theatre Ensemble, Cambridge, MA, 1985; Out to Lunch, Staged reading at the Nucleo Eclettico Theater, Boston MA, 1982, Full production at the Suffolk Theatre Company, presented by Playwright's Platform, Boston MA, 1983; Script evaluator for American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA, 1982-83.