Summer Studios Required Classes

Foundation skills for art and design

Summer Studios core courses focus on the basic skills and ideas that are essential to the serious pursuit and study of art.

2D Fundamentals

2D core skills are rooted in and extend from observational drawing. Through observational studies students will explore ways to accurately represent forms in space. Composition, scale, line, and value will be addressed. Students will work from the figure to explore gesture and proportion. Using the elements of line and value students will develop their toolbox of skills in order to visually communicate their ideas in two dimensions.

3D Fundamentals

This class addresses materials, methods, and craft in three dimensional work. Using several very different materials, i.e. clay, wire and cardboard, students consider proportion and scale as well as composition. Working from observation with one material, or working abstractly with another, students will gain facilty in constructing forms. There will also be an emphasis on the figure as an important source for exploring the relationship of objects and figures in space. The 3D Core skills will address methods, materials and craft. 

Issues and Images

What is art? Why do we look at art and make art? What is the role of the artist in society? This class emphasizes critical analysis of art in terms of context, content, artists' intent, and social and personal significance. Students will gain more familiarity with artists and the meaning, impact and interpretation of artwork through research and discussion of a broad range of contemporary and historical work. Students will develop a fluency with the language of art as they discuss the content of other artists work as well as their own work.