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Graphic Design
Designers are creative problem solvers. They must possess a thorough understanding of the principles of visual vocabulary and learn to be comfortable expressing their ideas visually. This course introduces basic skills and concepts fundamental to graphic designers, including process, conceptual thinking, creation and production. This course is not computer-based.

Painting from Observation
This course is an introduction to painting from observation. Students work from a live model as well as the observed environment, building their painting and observational skills through a variety of exercises, ranging from quick gestural studies to longer studies. Some class time is spent looking at classic masters as well as contemporary artists for examples and inspiration.

Fashion Design
This class focuses on fashion illustration with a concentration in garment construction. Students learn the importance of basic fashion illustration in the industry. Learning to think with a pencil will become a habit of mind for students attending this studio. Students develop skills in pattern making, fabric selection, draping and garment construction. The final project is the creation of a piece to be exhibited at the conclusion of the program.

This course stresses basic drawing techniques using graphite, colored pencil, pen and ink. Emphasis is on creating a narrative and developing skills to interpret the narrative. Students study and research the history of illustration to contextualize their own pursuits.

This course focuses on developing skills in fine art photography, working in black and white with traditional 35mm film cameras. Students become familiar with darkroom processes and materials and learn the basics of exposure, film speed, aperture, shutter speed and depth of field. Composition and perspective are a focus of this class as students consider the formal elements of their work and what that communicates to the viewer.

Jewelry and Metalsmithing
This course is designed to introduce students to basic jewelry making and metalsmithing techniques through investigation of design strategies.  Design skills will be enhanced as students learn the technical skills of sawing, filing, soldering, annealing and forming metal into ornamental and wearable art. 
Students explore surface design through a variety of surface texture processes. Throughout the course, students will learn setting techniques for stones and found objects and be introduced to basic chain making. Contemporary artists and practices will be a source for inspiration to encourage students to combine metalsmithing methods with personal voice through 3-d problem solving assignments.

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