Applications for Credit

Students seeking the credit option must also submit the following application materials:

  • Portfolio
    Submit 6-8 pieces of your strongest work, including 2 drawings from observation. (not from a photograph). Portfolio must include one drawing from observation of a box in the medium of the student's choice on 18" x 24" paper.
  • Portfolio Description List
    All portfolios must be accompanied by a printed description list. Label each image with a number that corresponds to the description list. Each description should include dimensions, media, and date completed.

Portfolio submission information

  • Formats
    Portfolios may be submitted in digital formats. All CD-R, and DVD disks must be clearly labeled with your full name. Do not send original work, or your only copy of reproduced material, as the college cannot be responsible for its safety.
  • Digital Still Images
    Images should be saved in JPEG format, with files named to correspond to the portfolio description list. Test your media before sending it in.
  • Deadline
    The deadline to submit an application for credit-bearing sections is April 24, 2017.

Applications for credit will not be considered until all requirements are submitted.