Afternoon Sessions

All studios meet from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This class focuses on fashion illustration with a concentration in garment construction. Students learn the importance of basic fashion illustration in the industry. Learning to think with a pencil will become a habit of mind for students attending this studio. Students develop skills in pattern making, fabric selection, draping and garment construction. The final project is the creation of a piece to be critiqued in the final review at the conclusion of the program.

Designers are creative problem solvers. They must possess a thorough understanding of the principles of visual vocabulary and learn to be comfortable expressing their ideas visually. This course introduces basic skills and concepts fundamental to graphic designers, including process, conceptual thinking, making and production. This course is not computer based.

This studio introduces the basic principles of computer animation through an exploration of different techniques. Students create narrative story lines which they render in different forms of animation including hand made flip books, stop motion, Flash and claymation. Students view contemporary pieces to put ideas and work in the context of the greater art world.

In this class, students learn different tools to help develop drawing skills and techniques, and expand their visual vocabulary. The class covers basics of linear and aerial perspective, as well as a number of traditional and less conventional approaches to composition and drawing.

This course is an introduction to painting from observation. Students work from the live model as well as the observed environment, building their painting and observational skills through a variety of exercises, ranging from quick gestural studies to longer studies. Color theory and application as well as composition will be emphasized. Some class time is spent looking at old masters as well as contemporary artists for examples and inspiration.

This fast paced class will develop and improve students hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Experimentation will be encouraged with mold making and screen printing on to clay. We will learn about glazing and students will participate in different, exciting firings, including Raku, offering dramatic metallic surfaces.

student modeling her dress design


Student modeling her final fashion project.