Saturday Studios Classes

Art Explorations (Grades 3-5)
Explore ways of making art using different media and materials. Through drawing, painting, printmaking, clay and more, artwork is tied to a class theme or subject.

Comic Book Art (Grades 6–8)
Develop and expand a personal style of comic book art using dreams, superheroes and the works of famous artists. Story, character development and drawing techniques are addressed.

Sculpture (Grades 6–8)
Through a series of fun and innovative exercises, work with fiber, paper, wire, clay, found objects and more to create three dimensional works.

Painting (Grades 6–8)
Find ways to use color and paint to develop ideas, stories, symbolism, and more. Working from observation and using your imagination, experiment with mixing colors, composition, making lines and brush work with water-based paint. 

Painting (Grades 9- 12)
Use painting as a way to explore complex and essential ideas in art, pop-culture, communication, and history. Work from concepts and observation, using a range of water-based paints to investigate color, composition, texture, line, and form.

Fashion and Fibers (Grades 7–12)
Explore how artists use cloth, paper and other materials. Using techniques that may include sewing, printing on fabric, beading, papermaking, batik, knitting, weaving and more, make wearable art and 3D objects from a wide range of soft media.

Drawing in the 21st Century (Grades 9-12)
Explore traditional and innovative ways of drawing in a variety of media. This studio is for students interested in personal artistic development or strengthening skills for portfolio development.

Mixed-Media Sculpture (Grades 9–12)
Examine how space, form, movement, scale, color, and texture can be used to create expressive three-dimensional works of art. Find strategies to conceive work, bring it to completion, and examine how contemporary sculptors use their craft to comment on life and culture in funny and serious ways. Wire, clay, wood, cardboard, and found objects, in addition to more contemporary media such as light, sound, and digital content are some of the materials and media used. 

Animation (Grades 9–12) This class is currently full.
Learn about animation and all of its possibilities. Using a variety of approaches, from storyboards, flipbooks, and comic books to high-tech digital and video, develop drawing techniques to tell stories in still and moving images. Note: Additional $85 lab fee required.

Photography (Grades 9–12) This class is currently full.
Develop a range of visual and technical skills by using film and digital approaches to photography. This studio expands on camera operations, darkroom and desktop laboratory processes, and on composition and craft of photos in a world filled with images. Students are encouraged to bring any digital camera and film camera that they might have. Note: Additional $85 lab fee required.

The Figure (Grades 11-12) This class is currently full.
Explore traditional and innovative ways to work from the human figure. Study the figure as a dynamic form through a variety of creative exercises with an emphasis on gestural work. The course may be used to strengthen portfolios for college application. A variety of media and styles are presented. Parental consent is required due to use of nude models. 

Advanced Studios for Juniors and Seniors (Grades 11-12) This class is currently full.
Review and expand your portfolio. Using both observation and imaginative approaches, refine ways to express personal intention in both two and three-dimensional form. Parental consent is required due to the possible use of nude models.



Fall 2016 Schedule

Saturdays, 9:30am - 12:00pm
October 8 - December 3, 2016

No classes:
November 26, 2016

Exhibition of student work
November 23 - December 3, 2016

Closing Reception
December 3, 2016, 11:30am-12:00pm


Spring 2017 Schedule

March 11 - May 6, 2017
No classes on April15

Reigistrations available in mid December
For more information, please call
(617) 879-7170 or email