Artward Bound offers an expansive and vibrant, art-enhanced academic curriculum

Artward Bound's curriculum reflects our program's learning environment. Student-artists enjoy field trips to local museums, professorial presentations from MassArt and neighboring Boston institution faculty, and access to MassArt's traditional youth programs. For the first two years, program activities take place primarily at MassArt, after which students may participate in other affiliated art programs throughout the city. 

Student-artists in Artward Bound begin with a six-week summer session that blends intensive art and academic courses on MassArt's campus. The summer semester incorporates Artward Bound curriculum with access to MassArt's Creative Vacation, Summer Studios and Summer Intensives programs. 

During the school year, student-artists participate in weekly academic and art classes -- both conducted by Artward Bound and with MassArt's Saturday Studios program -- and other activities including visits to museums and studios, tutoring, and life skills workshops. Throughout the year, student-artists engage in scientific and mathematical research, read and write fiction and non-fiction, and work in multiple mediums and artistic areas. 

~ SPRING 2014 ~

SNEAKER DESIGN: FEET FIRST INTO DRAWING! ~ In this project, students focus on drawing and designing for the human figure, building towards a footwear design project. In the last phase of the project, students learn and apply animation skills to create a promotional animation to market their design. A focus throughout will be on deepening drawing skills from observing the world around us. The brain is wired from birth for drawing, the skill is activated and improved by doing it over and over and over and over and over again.

FIELD GUIDE TO THE FENS ~ Artward Bound student-artists create a Field Guide to the Fens, featuring illustrations and text that educates visitors about the natural and cultural resources of the Boston Fens. While researching, student-artists pay special attention to plants that serve human life by studying urban foraging and natural pigments. After the Field Guides and related creative materials are printed, the student-artists co-lead a workshop that further connects people with the natural resources of the Fens. The workshop engages participants in hands-on activities and a walking tour of the Fens.

~ FALL 2013 ~

DESIGNOVATE! ~ Designovate is a foundational architectural design project for Artward Bound student-artists to learn by doing as they explore the intersection of art, design, sustainability, and spatial change. Artward Bound students enhanced their literacy through the design process, acquiring the tools to think like a designer, and examining sustainable architecture to connect with current thinking in sustainability. Student-artists learned approaches to problem solving and received inspirational leadership, with ongoing guidance and critiques at intervals in the design process. Students also participated in skills-based workshops led by MassArt graduate students.

RITUAL/SACRED ARTS ~ Artward Bound student-artists understood and appreciated different approaches to spiritual art expressed in cultural practice, and developed their own personal expressions inspired by these traditions. Students learned about African masks and art inspired by African masks; Buddhist art and mandalas; and stained glass art. Artward Bound student-artists created works that are spiritually meaningful to them, guided by insight learned from these traditional art forms.




Professional and Continuing Education
Carolyn Lewenberg
Acting Director, Artward Bound