Artward Bound offers an expansive and vibrant, art-enhanced academic curriculum

Artward Bound offers a variety of artistic experiences and curriculum designed to build artistic, academic and life skills. Student-artists enjoy hands on learning in a fun and supportive enviroment with field trips to local museums, presentations from visiting arts and MassArt faculty, and access to MassArt's traditional youth programs.

Artward Bound begins with a six-week summer session that blends intensive art and academic courses on MassArt's campus. The summer semester incorporates Artward Bound curriculum with access to MassArt's Creative Vacation, Summer Studios and Summer Intensives programs. 

During the school year, student-artists participate in weekly academic and art classes, participating in activities specifically designed for Artward Bound as well as in MassArt's Saturday Studios program. Other activities include visits to museums and studios, and academic support.

Class offerings for Fall 2016 are as follows:

Grade 12: Exhibition

How as Artists, do we present ourselves and our work?
How as Curators, can we use Art to tell a story?
How can we as Artists and Curators utilize space in a contemporary way?

Over the course of the Fall semester, these questions will guide students through the intricacies and processes of presentation, curation and installation. The culmination of the course will be a final exhibition that is created, curated, and installed by the students themselves.

Grade 10: Citizen Artist 

This course focuses on building students' understanding of how contemporary art can pose solutions to the challenges faced in society through art and design practices. The course challenges ideas of identity, citizenship, and participation.

Grade 9: Artist Toolbox 

This course offers high school freshman the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the visual arts and explore a range of disciplines. It is a fun but rigorous course to help students develop their creative voice while building foundational skills in many artistic practices, including drawing, painting, collage, design, sculpture and more. Artistic practices will also be explored in relation to art historical and contemporary contexts.


Chandra Ortiz
Director, Artward Bound
Professional and Continuing Education
(617) 879-7122