Artward Bound


Artward Bound

Artward Bound is a four-year college access program in the visual arts. At home on MassArt's campus, Artward Bound prepares youth in 9th - 12th grades with the artistic and academic skills needed for admission to and success at an art/design college or other post-secondary institution. 

Who We Are

Artward Bound is designed for underrepresented, potential first-generation students who live and attend schools in Boston. Student-artists enrolled in the program are expected to participate through their senior year of high school. While enrolled in Artward Bound, students have access to MassArt materials, facilities, and youth programs at no cost. A commitment to Artward Bound allows student-artists to gain confidence through constant engagement with Artward Bound instructors, MassArt faculty/staff and the vibrant galleries and programs of the college. Familiarity with peers and mentors eases key transitions through high school and into college, and enhances daily advancement in personal, intellectual, professional, and creative growth. 

What We Do

Artward Bound is a year-round program that offers intensive art programs along with academic support and life skills training that supports students artistic, academic and personal growth and achievements. During the summer, Artward Bound students participate in a six week program that combines art and academics, participating in MassArt's youth programs as well as other modules designed specifically for Artward Bound. During the academic year, Artward Bound students are required to attend afterschool classes at least twice a week, and also have the opportunity to participate in Saturday Studios and other MassArt youth programs as appropriate.

Artistically, student-artists have opportunities to work with a variety of media and develop their unique voices as artists. They build a foundational understanding of the art world and how their art relates to it, while gaining insights into possible careers in the arts.

Academically, students receive support outside of school to further develop reading, writing, and math skills, complete homework, and improve work and study skills. English language arts and math skills are applied in the development of art projects. 

Socially, students develop leadership skills, learn financial literacy and responsibility, and expand global, cultural, interpersonal and self-awareness. Development of an improved sense of purpose and preparation is a focus. Program projects respond to contemporary issues and also increase student-artists' understanding of factors that impact life and community. 

Personally, mentorship experiences with artists, academic tutors, professionals, and MassArt students offer models for growth as an artists, students, and global citizens.    


Chandra Ortiz
Director, Artward Bound
Professional and Continuing Education
(617) 879-7122