Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read the PCE Faculty Handbook, which will provide detailed information about the most frequently asked questions (below) and more.

Where can I park?
The MassArt parking lot is located on Ward Street behind the Artists' Residence. Faculty can park for a fee on the night of their class from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Faculty members will need a MassArt ID, coded for parking, to access the parking lot. See the "Parking" page" for more information.

Where do I get an ID?
Please stop by the Continuing Education office (on the first floor of the Artists' Residence) before your class begins to receive your ID and parking authorization. You will then need to go to the Office of Public Safety (Second floor of the Tower Building) to have your ID coded for parking on the night that you teach.

Whom do I call if my room is too cold or hot?
Please call the Public Safety information line at (617) 879-7810. They will alert Facilities.

I need to make copies; can I use the office copier?
The office copier is available for small copy jobs (e.g. course syllabus). For larger jobs, there are two options: leave with front office staff to be copied in the mail room (please plan on a one-week turnaround). You also may use Kinkos or other outside vendors. The receipt should be submitted to David Carder for reimbursement.

How do I get a slide/digital projector or a TV/DVD player for presentations?
Please contact Audio-Visual Media Services directly at (617) 879-7160 to request equipment and for pick-up/drop-off information. AVMS is located on Tower 3.

What are the hours for the library and slide library?
The Morton R. Godine library is located on Tower 12. Their hours change throughout the semester. Please contact them directly with any questions regarding their hours of operation and faculty services at (617) 879-7150.

How do I hire models?
Please contact PCE Main Office at (617) 879-7200 for an up-to-date list of models approved by the MassArt Human Resources Department and David Carder (617) 879-7177 for the figure model budget for your class.

When do I get paid?
There are set pay dates throughout the semester which are listed on your contract. If you need additional information or have other questions, please contact David Carder at (617) 879-7177, Dave.Carder(at)

Are there lockers available in which to leave supplies?
Please contact the appropriate Studio Manager to inquire about lockers.

How much money is available for supplies?
There are limited funds available for supplies unique to the class offering (excluding models and visiting artists). Any plan to expend money requires prior PCE approval from the administrative manager, David Carder.

How do I book my Saturday class or a make-up session?
Contact Susan Mendez-Diez at (617) 879-7169 or Susan.Mendezdiez(at),  to arrange a Saturday class, make-up sessions, or any changes to your meeting days or room.

Is there a place to eat?
The Dining Commons is located on the first floor of the Kennedy building. Generally it is open until 8:00 p.m. on weekday evenings. Weekend hours vary throughout the semester. You can contact them directly for more information at (617) 879-7965.

Can I get a MassArt email?
Yes. Contact the IT Helpdesk directly at (617) 879-7888.

Who should I call if I am sick?
Please call the PCE Front Office at (617) 879-7200 and a staff member will alert your students. Don't forget to contact Susan Mendez-Diez to re-schedule your class (see "Make-Up Session" above).

How do I find out about cancellations due to snow?
Radio and TV announcements are made on WBZ (Channel 4) and WCVB (Channel 5). You may also check the MassArt website or call the main MassArt phone at (617) 879-7000.