Ben Blum

Title: Professor

Degrees: BS, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute; MA, Brandeis University; PhD, Brandeis University


Publications and Talks Presented talk at the 2006 Joint Spring Meeting of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers New England section: Physics and Cosmology: at the Interface titled, "Teaching Physics and Astronomy to College Art Students" which included examples of students' work. Presented talk at the April 2006 meeting of New England Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, "Teaching Mathematics to Art CollegeStudents". Presented talk, "Teaching Mathematics and Physical Sciences to College Art Students" at AICAD 2000 conference at Ringling School of Art and Design. (Nov. 2000) Presenter of session, "the Limits of Knowledge: Toward a Unification of the Liberal Arts, " at the third annual conference, " Interdisciplinary Curricula, General Education, and Liberal Learning", given by the Institute for the Study of Postgraduate Pedagogy and SUNY New Paltz. (Nov. 1993) "Scalar Correspondence with the Overtone Series", which found limits to which physics can be applied to musical harmony and was read by proxy at the Joint Annual Meeting of the acoustical Societies of America and Japan in Honolulu. (Nov 1989)

Awards/prizes MTA Distinguished Service Certificate, College Citation for Meritorious Service, College Distinguished Service Award.