Admission for Fall 2014: on-going

Applications for fall 2014 are still being accepted on an on-going, space available basis. Please submit your application requirements as soon as possible to be considered. If you are a transfer student and have completed two or more studio courses at the college level, please call the Admissions Office at 617 879 7222 for more information before applying.

Admissions for Fall 2015: February 1

MassArt has a priority deadline of February 1. Applications completed by February 1 are given priority consideration for admission, scholarships, and housing. International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by this deadline to allow ample time to process paperwork in support of the visa application.

The admissions committee begins reviewing completed applications in January. Applications received after February 1 are considered on an ongoing, space-available basis. Complete your application early to receive your decision in a timely fashion.

Early Action: December 1

If MassArt is your first-choice college, you may want to consider early action. This option is intended for students who have a propensity for art and strong academic credentials. Admissions decisions for early action applicants are mailed in early January. To be considered for early action, you must:

  • Submit all application requirements by December 1.
  • Indicate your interest in early action on your application.
  • Be a first-time freshman or transfer student who has completed less than fifteen studio credits.

Please note that if you are not accepted for early action, you will not be automatically reviewed for the regular deadline. Furthermore, if you are not accepted under early action you must wait a year to reapply.

The online application for Fall 2015 will be available in September.

Financial Aid: March 1 (priority deadline)

In order to be eligible for financial aid consideration, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree-seeking program or certificate program and must be taking at least six credits per semester. The priority deadline to apply for financial aid is March 1. For details about the FAFSA and to file the FAFSA please visit If you have questions, feel free to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Please note that international applicants are not applicable and do not need to file the FAFSA.

Admission for Spring 2015: October 15

Transfer applications are accepted for the spring semester in select majors. To apply for the Studio Foundation program as a second semester freshman, you must have completed a minimum of three studio classes (nine studio credits), of which two classes (six credits) must be equivalent to Drawing I and Visual Language (2-D Design).

If you have completed additional studio classes, applications are typically reviewed for the following majors:

To be considered for a major, you must have completed a minimum of seven studio classses (21 studio credits), of which four classes (twelve credits) must be equivalent to four of the following five classes:

  • Drawing I
  • Drawing II
  • Visual Language (2-D Design)
  • Time (Digital Design/Video) or Form Study (3-D Design). Course descriptions.

The application for Spring 2015 will be available in September. If you have not completed the credit requirements needed to apply for the spring semester or if you are interested in a major not accepting applications, please apply by February 1 for the fall 2015 semester. Readmission candidates in all majors are encouraged to call the Admissions Office at 617 879 7222 for more information.

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