Application Requirements


  • All applicants should submit the following items by the appropriate deadlines.
  • The priority deadline for Fall 2014 is February 1, 2014.
  • Students applying for Early Action should submit all items by December 1, 2013.
  • For some types of applicants including transfer students, visiting students, and readmission candidates, there are additional requirements.
  • Before applying, applicants should review MassArt's admissions standards.

Application form and fee

The application form and $50 fee may be submitted online or by mail. For faster processing, we strongly encourage you to apply online.

Step 1: Submit the application form electronically and pay the fee by credit card.
Step 2: Upload supplementary materials electronically or mail/deliver them to MassArt's Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Step 1: Download the application (PDF).
Step 2: Print and complete the application form. Mail it in with the supplementary materials and the correct application fee. Fees may be submitted by check or money order made payable to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The college cannot accept cash payments. Credit card payments can only be accepted with an online application.

Application fee waiver
An application fee waiver request will be considered in cases of extreme financial hardship substantiated by a College Board fee waiver form issued from your guidance counselor or a letter from your social worker, financial aid officer, or clergy person.

This waiver must be submitted by mail, and your application will not be considered complete until this request is received by the admissions office. Please note that creating an online application may delay processing in these instances; we encourage applicants to mail in the fee waiver with a paper application.

All applicants must submit 15-20 pieces of work, completed in the past two years. At least 5-10 pieces should be direct observational drawings of live situations or three-dimensional objects. Use the rest of your portfolio to share your passion, ideas, or medium of choice.

Transfer applicants seeking credit in studio art classes must also submit three images per class for evaluation. Transfer student requirements.

Portfolio Formats
Portfolios may be submitted in digital or time-based formats. See below for details. All CD-R and DVD disks must be clearly labeled with your full name and accompanied by a written portfolio description list. Do not send original work, or your only copy of reproduced material, as the college cannot be responsible for its safety.

You are encouraged to submit your portfolio online by following the guidelines:

  • Go to
  • Click "Sign up"
  • Click "Start a new Submission"
  • Click "Undergraduate"
  • Follow the directions from this point forward

First-time freshman applicants will incur a $12 fee and transfer applicants will incur a $18 charge for using this service. If you are submitting your portfolio online, you do not need to send in a portfolio description list. Instead, please provide this information in Slideroom.

You may choose to submit your portfolio on a CD-R or DVD by following the guidelines:

  • CD-R or DVD discs are acceptable
  • All still images should be saved in JPEG format and be placed in a single folder on the disc.
  • Please label JPEGs beginning with your family (last) name followed by a number corresponding to the image's details on the portfolio description list (see below). Single digit numbers should begin with a zero (e.g., Jones02). This will ensure your images stay in the intended order when reviewed.
  • Image dimensions and resolution: Each JPEG should be between 500 and 1200 pixels in any directions and 72 dpi. Each file must be 1MB or smaller.
  • Do not submit portfolio images in a Power Point or Keynote presentation or as PDF files.
  • All digital files MUST be able to open cross-platform on Macintosh and PC compatible computers. Test your media before sending it in, and please make sure that disc is not scratched.

Submission of creative work in film, video, animation, or performance art is encouraged. Students may also submit writing, theater, or music in additional to the 15-20 piece portfolio.

  • Limit time-based presentations to no longer than 15 minutes and no more than 3 pieces.
  • Within Slideroom, applicants may embed media into their portfolio from external sites including YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. All media will play back for reviewers within the Slideroom interface.
  • When submitting a disc, time-based pieces should be saved as QuickTime movies.

Portfolio Description List
All portfolios must be accompanied by a printed description list. Each image should be labeled with a number that corresponds to the description list. The description needs to include dimensions, media, and completion date of each piece. Feel free to include any additional information that may provide context for the artwork.

NOTE: If you are submitting your portfolio online, you do not need to send in a portfolio description list. Instead, please provide this information in Slideroom.

Statement of Purpose
The statement of purpose gives you an opportunity to express yourself in words and gives the admissions committee more insight into who you are as an individual. Use your creativity to express what makes you unique. In 500 words or more, let us know who you are as an artist, designer, or art educator. Discuss your creative influences, goals and interests.

Two Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation can be very helpful in consideration of your application. It's best to choose someone who can discuss your potential as a student, your motivation, skills, background, and character. This person should have first-hand knowledge of your art or academic achievements. We recommend asking someone, such as an art teacher, liberal arts teacher, guidance counselor, employer, or mentor.

There is no required form for letters of recommendation. Please make sure references include your FULL NAME and the semester for which you are applying prominently at the top of the letter. We recommend using our online application, as it allows references to upload the recommendation letter directly to your application. We will also accept letters of recommendation via postal mail, or e-mail sent directly from the reference's account to All recommendation letters must sent by the reference, or be on signed High School, College, or business letterhead and sent in a sealed envelope. We will not accept recommendation letters sent by a student or family member that have not been signed and sealed by the reference. 

Include a list of your activities including employment, community service, school clubs, organizations, and extracurricular interests. Specify positions held (if any), length of service, and awards or prizes.

All transcripts must be official. In order to be considered official, transcripts can be sent one of two ways:
1. Directly to MassArt in an envelope stamped and sealed by a high school or a college registrar.
2. Electronically through Docufide if your school participates.

Visit to create an account. Designate which schools you would like your transcripts sent to. A small fee will be charged to use this service.

High School/Secondary School

High school/secondary school transcripts must include the most recent semester grades. If you have already graduated, please ask that school to send us your final transcript.

Transfer Students
If you currently hold a baccalaureate degree or have earned 60 credits or more at the point of applying you do not need to submit a high school transcript.

College/Post-Secondary School
Official transcripts must be submitted for all colleges/post-secondary schools you attended.

If you are currently in high school/secondary school and have taken college level classes please send us the college transcript to be reviewed for transfer credit.

General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
If you have completed the GED, please send us your official GED score report including percentages and your high school transcript.

International Applicants
International applicants are required to submit academic records that have been converted to U.S. educational equivalents. More information.

Home-Schooled Students
To be considered for admission, home-schooled students must submit transcripts or the GED. Please note that the college does not consider applicants who do not have a high school diploma or GED.

Most applicants (freshmen and transfers) are required to submit official SAT I or ACT scores. MassArt's SAT school code is 3516. MassArt's ACT school code is 1846.

SAT or ACT reports should be sent directly from the College Board (, American College Testing ( or through the high school guidance office. If your first language is not English, you may support or replace the SAT with the TOEFL or IELTS. More information about TOEFL/IELTS.

Students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities and want to be exempted from the SAT requirement must submit documentation certifying that they are participating in a legally recognized special-education program governed by an individualized education plan. Students from private or parochial high schools may substitute either a letter of certification from an approved professional evaluation center and documentation, the results of an interdisciplinary team core evaluation, or the results of any other equivalent testing. More information about admissions standards.

Transfer students
If you have earned 60 or more college credits, including liberal arts classes, you are not required to submit your SAT/ACT scores.

Alien Registration Card
Legal permanent residents of the U.S. must submit a copy of the front and back of your alien registration card along with your application material in order to be considered for admission.

Mailing Address
If you are mailing materials, please address your package to:

Office of Admissions
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston MA 02115


First-time Freshmen

• application form
• $50 application fee
• statement of purpose
• portfolio
• official high school transcript
• SAT or ACT
• two letters of recommendation
• list of activities/resume
• copy of Alien Registration Card (permanent residents only)

*For some types of applicants, there are additional requirements.


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