Graduate Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition: Summer 2016–Spring 2017

ProgramPer Credit TuitionAverage
1st Year
Average Cost
1st Year
Total CreditsAnticipated Total Program Tuition Cost
Fine Arts Programs
MFA & MDes  $780 30 $23,400 60 $47,700
Graduate Post-Baccalaureate Program (2) $780 24 $18,720 24 $18,720
MFA: Fine Arts Low-Residency in Boston $780 24 $18,720 60 $47,880
Design Programs
Master of Architecture
Track 1 (4)
$780 42 $32,760 102 $81,810
Master of Architecture
Track 2 (5)
$780 45 $35,100 60 $47,250
MFA: Design (The Dynamic Media Institute) 2-year Track $780 30 $23,400 60 $47,700
MFA: Design (The Dynamic Media Institute)
3-year Track (6)
$780 18 $14,040 60 $48,600
Art Education Programs (7)
Master of Arts in Teaching /
Art Education
$780 18 $14,040 36 $28,080
Teacher Preparation Program $572 24 $13,728 24 $13,728

Graduate students pay on a per-credit basis. The tuition fee per credit varies with the program, but does not vary based on residency status of the student.

1. MFA Photo and Photo Post-Baccalaureate students pay an annual $800 photo printing fee in addition to tuition.

2. Students in the Graduate Post-Baccalaureate program may enroll in 24-29 credits.

3. Master of Architecture credits vary per year. Track I students generally enroll in 33-42 credits in the first year, 45 credits in the second, and 15 credits in the third (and final) year.

4. Master of Architecture Track II students enroll in 45 credits the first year, and 15 credits in the final year.

5. Master of Fine Arts: Design (The Dynamic Media Institute) students in the 3-year Track enroll in 9 credits per semester, and an additional 6 elective credits over the course of the program.

6. Students in the Master of Arts in Teaching/Art Education (MAT/AE) and Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) generally enroll in 6-9 credits per term. MAT/AE students generally complete the program in 4 semesters or 2 years. TPP students generally enroll for 3 semesters.

Graduate course costs
Course charges accrue on a per-credit basis and are for tuition alone. Graduate tuition rates increase approximately 3-5 percent per year. The anticipated program cost is an estimated figure based on the current and projected cost.

Health insurance
Every student enrolled in nine credits or more MUST either enroll in MassArt's health insurance plan or submit an insurance waiver. Students are charged in the fall for the full academic year. The MassArt insurance cost for 2016-2017 is $2,292.

Off-campus living expenses
The Office of Student Financial Assistance estimates a moderate 9-month budget for Boston at $18,281 and $24,376 for 12 months.

Art Supplies and Books
Art Supplies and Books are estimated to cost $2,100 for students enrolled for two terms, and $3,150 for students enrolled over three terms.

Campus housing

MassArt's Artists' Residence offers a few co-ed apartments to graduate students. Graduate students who want campus housing should apply for housing in the Artists' Residence. For more information about housing and costs for the Artists' Residence, visit the department of Housing and Residence Life. Most graduate students live off-campus.