Housing and Residence Life

The Office of Housing and Residence Life is committed to the principle that learning at college occurs both in and out of the classroom. We strive to create a living and learning experience that makes life in the residence halls a vital part of the collegiate experience and can be at the center of our students' day to day activities. Residence halls at MassArt are more than just places to sleep. Out-of-classroom learning experiences account for a significant amount of a student's education at MassArt. We encourage students to use their time in college housing to participate in activities, develop new friendships, and learn more about themselves and others who live in the community.

We are a small department whose goals are to create intimate living environments within our three on-campus residence halls. Our three residence halls are Smith Hall (suite-style), which consists entirely of first-year students, the Artists' Residence (apartment-style), which is mostly made up of returning and transfer students, and the Tree House that houses primarily first-year students, with some spaces set aside for returning students. All of our residence halls have unique facilities designed to address the needs of student artists. For more detailed information about our residence halls please see the links below .

Smith Hall
Artists' Residence
Tree House

Housing costs
Listed below are the costs for housing for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Smith Hall: $12,450 - $13,660 (full meal plan and all fees)
Artists' Residence: $13,396 - $14,476 (partial meal plan and all fees)
Tree House: $12,860 - $15,850 (full meal plan and all fees)

A more detailed breakdown of these charges is available on the cost of housing webpage.

For more information about our office and residence halls, please visit the Office of Housing and Residence Life.