M.ARCH Program Placement Evaluation

M.Arch Program Placement and Transfer Credit Evaluation

MassArt's M.Arch program head, in collaboration with departmental faculty and the Dean of Graduate Programs, evaluates all M.Arch applicants for placement into Track I (pre-professional and professional coursework) and Track II (professional coursework), and for transfer credit or course waivers towards advanced placement. Applicants eligible for Track II are evaluated for completion of all Track I pre-professional requirements.

All M.Arch applicants who would like to be evaluated for advanced placement in Track I, or for admission into Track II, must submit documentation of prior architecture and related college-level coursework and experience to the program for review.

Application portfolios are reviewed for placement in the design studio sequence. Architecture studio work must be of high quality, demonstrate developed concepts and design ability, and must be comparable to work expected in corresponding M.Arch studio courses, in order for advanced placement to be granted. Portfolios for acceptance into Track II must demonstrate an applicant's ability to manipulate structural and environmental systems and to integrate these systems into the design work presented.

Courses from prior pre-professional or professional education must meet the minimum transfer grade of B- or better, and demonstrate parity in content and NAAB Student Performance Criteria with corresponding M.Arch requirements. 

Evaluation Procedure

Applicants submit documentation for review towards program placement using the online M.Arch Placement Documentation form. Submission of documents soon after applying to the program is encouraged. Applicants must submit final documentation by April 1. All evaluations must be complete prior to matriculation and are final.

International documents must be officially translated into English. For international college transcript admissions requirements, see International Graduate Students.

Courses requiring documentation

See M.Arch Program Requirements and M.Arch Course Descriptions for comparison with prior educational and work experience.

M.Arch Track II: Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating completion of all Track I first year pre-professional requirements in their prior educational or work experience. Any missing requirements must be taken in addition to Track II requirements. These pre-professional requirements include:

  • Structures and Building Systems courses: M.Arch Structures I, II, III, IV. Structures faculty may also interview or test applicants.
  • History of Architecture courses: M.Arch History of Architecture and Urban Planning I and II
  • Construction/fabrication experience: M.Arch Methods and Materials
  • Sustainable design courses evidenced in project work and theory: M.Arch Sustainable Architecture
  • Professional practice courses: M.Arch Professional Practice I
  • 2 electives in architecture or related fields

M.Arch Track I: Applicants may provide documentation for any successfully completed college-level courses or work experience, in architecture or construction, for comparison to the above courses.

Documentation must include 

  • Official college transcript(s) with final grades (in program application). When courses are to be completed after program application, a final official transcript with grades must be submitted to the Admissions Office for final evaluation.
  • Course descriptions and course syllabi. Course syllabi include weekly topics, course assignments, list of books or reading materials required.
  • Where applicable the following materials shall also be submitted: additional portfolio work, coursework, exams or papers, a letter from an employer documenting work experience. 

A program evaluation specifying the accepted coursework and the balance of degree requirements to be taken at MassArt is issued to accepted applicants following the review. All program requirements missing the required documentation remain in the balance of courses to be taken in the M.Arch program.

Required credits for M.Arch program completion are followed. Track II requires 60 graduate credits with a maximum of 6 graduate transfer credits. See M.Arch Academic Policies

Note: Submission and review of course and work experience documentation does not guarantee acceptance towards M.Arch requirements. 


  • Course waivers, requiring replacement with M.Arch courses, may be granted for undergraduate or graduate level coursework, and are offered in both tracks.
  • Course exemptions, with reduction of credit load, may be granted for undergraduate and graduate level coursework, and are generally only offered in the Track I program.
  • Transfer credit, with reduction of credit load, may be granted only for graduate level coursework included on a graduate transcript. Transfer credit may be offered in both tracks.