Placement and Transfer Evaluation

M.Arch Program Placement and Transfer Credit Evaluation

MassArt's M.Arch Program head, in collaboration with the Office of Admissions, evaluates all applicants to the M.Arch Track I (pre-professional and professional coursework) and Track II (professional coursework) programs for placement into the appropriate track and for transfer credit or course waivers towards advanced placement.

All applicants with prior college-level coursework, or with work experience in architecture, must submit documentation to the Admissions Office at the time of application to the M.Arch program following the procedures below. This includes applicants entering an architecture program for the first time, and those with pre-professional degrees or coursework from schools with NAAB-accredited programs or other undergraduate level architecture programs.

Advanced placement in the studio sequence is based upon the comparable quality and level of developing design projects in previous studios. If a student entering the program at any level is placed in an advanced studio sequence, previous work must be deemed exceptional and appropriate to the work required in the equivalent studios and must meet minimum grade requirements. See the M.Arch program requirements document linked below.

The replacement for any M.Arch course requirement must achieve parity in content and NAAB student performance criteria with the MassArt course to which it is being compared, and the M.Arch transfer grade minimum must be met.

Submission of documentation does not guarantee approval of transfer/portfolio credit, course waiver, or acceptance into a specific M.Arch Track.

Evaluation Procedure

  • Applicants submit to the Admissions Office for evaluation, full documentation of prior courses and work experience. Applicants will be emailed the link to the online form used for submission of documentation.
  • All evaluations must be completed during the admissions process and prior to matriculation into the program.
  • Following the review, applicants are issued a program evaluation, which specifies the accepted coursework and the balance of degree requirements to be taken at MassArt.
  • Documentation must include: official college transcript(s), course descriptions and course syllabi. Where applicable, additional portfolio material, coursework, exams or papers, and a letter from an employer (documenting experience that may equal a course in MassArt's program) shall also be submitted.
  • Courses may be from schools with NAAB-accredited programs or other undergraduate level architecture programs, must meet MassArt's M.Arch minimum transfer grade requirement, and must achieve parity in content and NAAB criteria with the MassArt courses to which they are compared.
  • Faculty may additionally interview or test applicants for proficiency in structures course material for sequence placement once on campus.
  • International Applicants: Documents must all be translated into English. See MassArt's International Graduate Students admissions requirements for information regarding required college transcripts and transcript evaluations.
  • M.Arch Track I Applicants: Transfer, experience or portfolio credit, or course waiver (with a reduction in credit hours) may be applied to pre-professional level course requirements in the Track I program. Portfolios are reviewed for placement in the architectural design courses.
  • M.Arch Track II Applicants must provide documentation for the following Track I first year requirements for their MassArt M.Arch student file:
    - Structures and building systems courses (MassArt: Structures I, II, III and IV)
    - History of architecture courses (MassArt: History of Architecture and Urban Planning I and II)
    - Construction/fabrication experience (MassArt: Methods and Materials)
    - Sustainable architecture courses (MassArt: Sustainable Architecture)
    - Professional practice courses (MassArt: Professional Practice I)
    - 2 professional electives
  • Transfer or portfolio credit, or course waiver may be requested for some Track II requirements.