Studio for Interrelated Media

Cycle created by "Art and Science Immersive Media" Faculty and SIM Studio Manager Eric Freeman for the SIM course "Art and Science Immersive Media" Fulldome Video productions (playing in planetariums internationally).

SIM is an individualized incubator. 

The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) Department prepares students to leverage their particular talents to work professionally and to cultivate intentional creative lives.  

Central to the program is an interdisciplinary, student driven laboratory for developing creative strategies, collaborative methods, technical competencies, and critical thinking skills. Students are challenged to shape a self-motivated and individualized educational direction drawing from a variety of disciplines, including: sound, installation, performance, and conceptual art; social practice; live event production (audio/visual/lighting); and work at the intersection of art, science and technology.  

The interdisciplinary nature of the program fosters work that potentially crosses boundaries of media definition and embraces the creation of new forms. The program emphasizes the dynamic relationships between the arts, culture, and society.

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