These liberal arts requirements apply to all majors except art history and art education. See those majors' pages for their specific liberal arts requirements.

Freshman Seminar is a course that focuses on critical reading and thinking skills. The course has multiple sections, each with a different theme; some sections focus on the history of art while others focus on liberal arts. Thus, students earn either 0 or 3 credits in liberal arts for the seminar depending upon the theme they choose.*


Foundation Year

LALW100 F/S Written Communication 3
F/S Freshman Seminar* 0 - 3
3 - 6

Sophomore through Senior Years

LALW200 Literary Traditions 3
LASS Social Science Elective 3
LALW Literature/writing/film criticism Elective 3
LAMS Math/science Elective 3
LALW/LASS/LAMS Lit/writing/film crit or Social Science or Math/science Electives 9
HART/LALW/LASS/LAMS History of Art or Lit/writing/film or Social Science or Math/science Elective 0 - 3


Freshman Seminar 0 - 3*
Literature/writing/film criticism
9 - 21
Social Science 3 - 15
Math/science 3 - 15
24 - 30

F (fall) or S (spring) - the semester in which the course must be taken due to course availability or major sequencing.