MFA: 3D (General, Fibers, and Metals)

"For me, there are no boundaries between mediums, only curiosities about what happens when they are joined and how that might create a more savory image, object or place." - Judy Haberl

Judy Haberl

There is no single philosophy or style put forward by the faculty of the MFA: 3D (General, Fibers, and Metals)  program. Some graduate students work with traditional materials and processes including glass, ceramics, wood, metal, and fibers; others create technology-driven objects using kinetic, interactive, video or electronic elements.

The work of Judy Haberl, Graduate Program Coordinator, illustrates the permeability of boundaries between mediums which the MFA: 3D (General, Fibers, and Metals) program encourages. Although often described as a sculptor, Haberl uses photography to do more than simply document her creations. Her images have been described as "organic photographs of impermanent sculptures." Jewels of all kinds, flowers, fur, and hair are frozen in ice-some in vase shapes, others as what appeared to be portraits or the contents of ponds. Once removed from the freezer, the ice sculptures are photographed using a large format camera-where they immediately begin to melt under the hot studio lights. The fragmented surface of the ice adds a temporal element to the prints, which become both a documentary of her ephemeral sculptures and artworks in and of themselves. She also works with installation and sculptures with sound components.

The MFA Program

The MFA 3D is a full-time, 60-credit program. Students receive individual studio spaces and access to a million square feet of fabrication, installation, and exhibition potential. MassArt's sculptural facilities are industrially scaled: enormous metal and wood fabrication shops, a metal forge and foundry, 6 large electric kilns, 4 large gas-fired kilns, large-scale fiber facilities, an electronic projects lab, state-of-the-art computer and imaging labs, a papermaking studio, and a brand new glass shed which includes rooms for working with hot and cold processes and equipment used to cut, grind, polish, drill, and sandblast glass.

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