Bachelor of Fine Arts

Printmaking courses encourage the mastery of traditional techniques as well as experimentation and innovation.

Students in the printmaking program at MassArt take courses in etching, lithography, and silkscreen. Print courses include photographic print processes, digital and manual color separation, relief, monotype, and drawing. 
Our 9,000 square foot studio offers students easy access to cross media investigation and installation in a collaborative community. Vertical learning is encouraged as junior and senior printmaking majors meet together for ten hours per week.
Field trips and an active Visiting Artist program provide supplemental workshops, lectures, and technical demonstrations. Our annual Master Print Series project offers students the opportunity to collaborate with classmates, faculty, and a Visiting Artist, to produce professional-level editions for the artist.
Graduating senior printmaking majors and alumni are eligible to apply for a printmaking Travel Abroad award.

Winfred Rembert Master Print Series with Winfred Rembert
Master Print Series Master Print Series with Liliana Porter
Master Print Series Master Print Series with Paula Wilson
Master Print Series Master Print Series with Trenton Doyle Hancock