Bachelor of Fine Arts

The painting program instills in students the knowledge and critical faculties necessary to develop a personal, expressive direction.

The undergraduate program in painting fosters independent creative thinking and making. It offers an intense working environment within which students pursue their own direction. The program hinges on painting as a specific discipline, but encourages diverse practice, and does not limit the development of work into other genres.
Painting students are initially grounded in core techniques and fundamental visual properties. Drawing is considered to be an essential part of the development of the discipline and is reflected in the curriculum. These courses are used to establish links between the instinct to draw, and the conceptual and physical processes that form the basis of painting.
Students are introduced to advanced painting techniques and processes, with an emphasis on individual development and experimentation both in form and in content of painting. The central structure of the program is built on individual and group critiques. Classes meet ten hours each week. Students are expected to produce substantial studio work outside of class. Painting majors are given their own individual space in a communal studio space.

MassArt provides Painting students with the benefits of a solid foundation within traditional and contemporary discourse, and the opportunity to evolve as part of a collaborative community. It is invested in fostering a wide range of sensibilities and promotes each student's critical responsiveness and independence.

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