Bachelor of Fine Arts

The painting program instills in students the knowledge and critical faculties necessary to develop a personal, expressive direction.

Students in the painting program begin by learning the most essential techniques of painting, from stretching canvas to representing literal space on a flat ground. Because drawing is essential to the development of student work, a Drawing for Painting course is required for all students each fall term. The course seeks to establish the important links between the instinct to draw and the conceptual processes that form the basis of painting.

As students progress through the program, they are introduced to advanced painting techniques and processes, with an emphasis on theme development and experimentation with the form and content of painting.

The painting program is apprenticeship structured. Students meet for nine hours of class time each week and are expected to work in their studios for an additional six to twelve hours per week. They work in groups of fifteen to twenty in the same studio area, sharing ideas and resources.

Critiques, slide lectures, and visiting artist presentations also are important components of the program.