MFA: 2D Fine Arts

The graduate program in two-dimensional fine arts fosters an intense environment in which artists pursue their work in painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed-media, and installation formats.

Painting by Roger Tibbetts, Faculty

Painting by Roger Tibbetts

A central component of the MFA: 2D Fine Arts program is the weekly critique session in which two or three graduate students present work and receive feedback from faculty and peers. Regular meetings with the 2D faculty complement these critique sessions. These interactions promote ongoing dialogue about work at various stages of completion.

Roger Tibbetts coordinates MassArt's graduate program in 2D Fine Arts. In teaching the 2D Major Studio, Professor Tibbetts is joined by senior faculty such as Jim Cambronne, Stuart Diamond, Peter Wayne Lewis and Fred Liang, or by visiting professors such as Kate Desjardins, Fabienne Lasserre and Vera Iliatova.

In addition to the input they receive from faculty, graduate students have the opportunity to meet biweekly with visiting artists, who provide yet another perspective. Visiting artists present their own work, meet with students on an individual basis, and participate in informal get-togethers.

Students and faculty together select visiting artists to invite. In recent years, participants have included young contemporary artists as well as more established figures such as Pat Adams, William Bailey, Lesley Dill, Louise Fishman, Ellen Gallagher, Julie Heffernan, Mary Heilman, Joseph Marioni, Laura Newman, Tom Nozkowski, Larry Poons, Sean Scully, Richard Tuttle, Dana Schutz, Jake Berthot, Ann Harris, Susanna Coffey, and Sara Sze.


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2015 MFA Thesis Catalog