MFA: 2D Fine Arts

The graduate program in two-dimensional fine arts fosters an intense environment in which artists pursue their work in painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed-media, and installation formats.

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MassArt's 2D graduate program is rooted in past and present practices of painting, drawing, and printmaking. The emphasis is on each student's evolution as an artist and, for that reason, no particular way of thinking or making is privileged.

2D MFA students have individual studios distributed throughout the FA2D undergraduate department. The proximity of undergraduate studios to graduate studios allows for interaction between students that becomes dynamic when graduates participate in FA2D lectures, open house, exhibitions, field trips, social media, and teaching assistantships.

The primary form of graduate studio instruction is critique. Critiques happen within individual and group formats. Because much of fine art conception and production is subjective, critiques are more enlightening and productive when students and faculty are visually and verbally articulate and come from a variety of locations, backgrounds, orientations, and ways of making and thinking about art and life.

The 2D MFA program usually has two resident faculty that conduct weekly individual tutorials. The FA2D Visiting Artist Lecture Program supplements weekly tutorials. Each semester four to five visiting artists chosen by students and faculty present their work to the FA2D department's students and conduct individual critiques with graduate students in their studios.

There are three types of group critiques. Two are considered in-progress critiques and are scheduled throughout the semester. The third is a final critique called a Review Board. The first type is scheduled twice a semester and is an issue critique that focuses on seeing one work by each graduate student through a particular lens chosen by the students and/or faculty. The second is an in-depth, in-progress presentation of work by each student for critical review by peers and faculty. Third is the Review Board. Each student presents their semester's work for critical review by their peers, resident faculty, an outside critic, and other invited guests.

The capstone is the MFA Thesis Exhibit. Students select and install their work to exhibit in MassArt's Bakalar and Paine Galleries. The galleries' director and preparator curate and/or advise.

2015-16 Resident MFA Faculty: James Cambronne, Elizabeth Mooney, and Roger Tibbetts

Fall 2015 Visiting Artists: Lucy Kim, Sean Downey, Duane Slick, and Richard Raiselis

Spring 2016 Visiting Artists: Wendy White, Walton Ford, Alexandria Smith, Nadia Ayari, and Sheila Pepe

phone: (617) 879-7203

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