The study of fashion at MassArt trains students to create fashions with a global perspective and develop an understanding of the fundamentals needed to be a designer in the fashion industry. Students study fine art, high couture and commercial fashion. They learn to create one-of-a-kind and ready-to-wear garments as well as accessories and theatrical costumes, using traditional and nontraditional materials. Students in the program learn to design and construct garments for women and men. Fashion students have designed for the Chadwick's division of Redcats USA, Radici Spandex, Levi Strauss, Sommers Plastic, Stride Rite, Go-Pak Outerwear, and the Italian Trade Commission. The curriculum encourages creative expression built on a foundation of technical development.

Foundation Year

SFDN181 F Drawing I 3
SFDN182 F Visual Language I 3
SFDN185 S Drawing II 3
SFDN191 S Time 3
SFDN183 F/S Form Study 3
F/S Studio Elective 3
HART100 F Intro to Western Art 3
HART (200 level) S History of Art Elective 3
LALW100 F/S Written Communication 3
FRSM100 F/S Freshman Seminar* 3

*Freshman Seminar is a course that focuses on critical reading and thinking skills. The course has multiple sections, each with a different theme; some sections focus on the history of art while others focus on liberal arts. Thus, the theme chosen determines which type of credit is reflected in the totals below.

All departmental required courses below must be successfully completed in the sequence indicated. Please refer to the departmental standing section of the academic catalogue for specific standards and minimum requirements as defined by your department. If you require further clarification, please consult with your faculty advisor or the chairperson of your department.

Sophomore Year

EDFD216 F Digital Tools/Textile Design 3
EDFD220 F Fashion Illustration I 3
EDFD256 F Pattern Drafting & Construction I 3
EDFD255 S Creative Fashion Design I 3
EDFD257 S Pattern Drafting & Construction II 3
EDFD221 S Fashion Illustration II 3
LALW200 Literary Traditions 3
LASS Social Science Elective 3
LA-SS/LW/MS Soc Sci, Lit/Writ/Film or Math/Sci Elective 3
LAMS Math/Science Elective 3

Junior Year

EDFD354 F Creative Fashion Design II 3
EDFD353 F Pattern Drafting & Construction III 3
EDFD306 F Product Development 3
EDFD355 S Creative Fashion Design III 3
EDFD359 S Tailoring 3
HART History of Art Elective 3
LALW Lit/Writ/Film Elective 3
HART or LA-SS/LW/MS Hist of Art, Soc Sci, Lit/Writ/Film or Math/Sci Elective 3
Studio Electives 6

Senior Year

EDFD450 F Degree Project 3
EDFD455 F Creative Fashion Design IV 3
EDFD451 S Degree Project 3
HART History of Art Elective 3
LA-SS/LW/MS Soc Sci, Lit/Writ/Film or Math/Sci Electives 6
Studio Electives 12


Studio Foundation 18
Design/Fashion Design 42
History of Art 12 - 18
Liberal Arts 24 - 30
Studio Electives* 18

F (fall) or S (spring) — the semester in which the course must be taken due to course availability or major sequencing.

*Studio Electives may be any studio course offered throughout the college, and should include "Professional Electives."

Professional electives are especially helpful for a particular design area. These are fashion courses highly recommended by the faculty to amplify the basic curriculum.