MFA: Design

The Dynamic Media Institute

The Dynamic Media Institute explores the role and possibilities of dynamic media in communication design. Each student's unique vision and passion for design develops into an original body of ideas and fresh practice.

Students come to DMI from diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines: architects, industrial designers, programmers, engineers, filmmakers, musicians, anthropologists, photographers, fine artists, and graphic designers. The student body reflects the program's cross-disciplinary approach to dynamic media design.

Admission to the MFA: Design program is highly selective, enrolling eight to ten students each year. Students come from all over the world including Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Venezuela, and the United States.

The 60-credit MFA: Design program is offered in three tracks: a two-year track in four semesters; a three-year track in five semesters; or a three-year track in six semesters, the only difference being the distribution of elective credits. DMI also offers a one-year fellowship "non-matriculating track" to which candidates are accepted based on specific project proposals.

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View the 2015 MFA Thesis Catalog

2015 MFA Thesis Catalog