Foundation Year

SFDN181 F Drawing I 3
SFDN182 F Visual Language I 3
SFDN185 S Drawing II 3
SFDN191 S Time 3
SFDN183 F/S Form Study 3
F/S Studio Elective 3
HART100 F Intro to Western Art 3
HART (200 level) S History of Art Elective 3
LALW100 F/S Written Communication 3
FRSM100 F/S Freshman Seminar* 3

*Freshman Seminar is a course that focuses on critical reading and thinking skills. The course has multiple sections, each with a different theme; some sections focus on the history of art while others focus on liberal arts. Thus, the theme chosen determines which type of credit is reflected in the totals below.

All departmental required courses below must be successfully completed in the sequence indicated. Please refer to the departmental standing section of the academic catalogue for specific standards and minimum requirements as defined by your department. If you require further clarification, please consult with your faculty advisor or the chairperson of your department.

Sophomore Year

AETE201 F/S Art & Human Development 3
AETE208 + AETE209
F/S Sem. I: Contemp. Teaching Prac. + Sem. II: Contemp. Art Prac. (co-requisites)
LASS280 F/S Introduction to Psychology 3
LALW200 F/S Literary Traditions 3
HART F/S Elective in Ancient or Medieval History of Art 3
HART F/S Elective in Renaissance or Baroque History of Art 3
HART F/S History of Art elective 3
2D F/S Studio Elective, 2D Fine Arts or Design 3
3D F/S Studio Elective, 3D Fine Arts or Design 3

Junior Year

AETE300 F/S Seminar III: Issues & the Individual Learner 3
AETE307 F/S Saturday Studios Pre-Practicum I 3
AETE301 F/S Portfolio I 3
AETE406 F/S Portfolio II 3
HART F/S Elective in Modern History of Art 3
HART F/S Elective in Contemporary History of Art 3
HART F/S Elective in Non-Western History of Art 3
F/S Media or Design Elective 3
F/S Studio Electives 6

Senior Year 

AETE404 F Seminar IV: Creating Community 3
AETE400 F/S Saturday Studios Pre-practicum II 3
AETE301/406 F/S Portfolio I or II 3
AETE409 F/S Portfolio III: Capstone
AETE412 S Seminar VI: Exhibitions 3
AETE411 F/S Museum/Community Internship 3
HART F/S 400-Level Art History Seminar 3
LAMS F/S Math/Sci elective 3
2D F/S Elective, 2D Fine Arts or Design 3
3D F/S Elective, 3D Fine Arts or Design 3


Studio Foundation 18
Art Education 39
History of Art 27 - 30
Liberal Arts 12 - 15
Studio Electives 21

Ninth Semester (Optional)

Museum Education students who complete the above four-year BFA curriculum may enroll in a ninth semester which includes the following courses:

AETE407 Student Teaching Practicum 6
AETE408 Seminar V: Designing Curriculum 3
AETE414 Portfolio: Artist/Teacher Studio
Total Credits 12
Program Total with Student Teaching

F (fall) or S (spring) — the semester in which the course must be taken due to course availability or major sequencing.