Bachelor of Fine Arts

Student artists seeking employment in museums or galleries benefit from a rich studio curriculum as well as internships with local cultural institutions.

The museum education program is geared towards students who want to work in arts education within museum, gallery, or school environments. Its intensive focus on art history and studio courses in addition to gallery education pedagogy makes for a dynamic foundation for teaching visual literacy, critical thinking, and studio art in museum settings. The museum education major works closely with MassArt's gallery education program, Looking to Learn.

The program has nearly as many studio requirements as the other three art teacher education majors, with a greater emphasis on art history, including senior-level seminar courses. All students are required to complete interdisciplinary portfolio studio courses within the Art Education Department, all of which include structured reviews of student work. Electives enable students to deepen their understanding of two- and three-dimensional art, communication and environmental design, and/or media and the performing arts.

The museum education program includes a senior-level internship with a local museum or non-collecting institution. The major does not lead to preliminary or initial state licensure.