MSAE Courses

AETE 501 History of Goals and Methods of Art Education
This course surveys the correlation between the history of education and education in art. The course presents multiple views of the meaning, procedures, and social utility of education in art.

AETE 502 Art and Developmental Theory

An examination of the major theories and research on developmental changes from childhood through adulthood. Discussions explore issues relative to cognitive, affective, and social development and their implications for artists and educators.

AETE 504 Problems in Aesthetics
An introduction to the study of aesthetics through an overview of Western and non-Western aesthetic traditions. Aesthetic frameworks of film and photography and recent thoughts about art and meaning are included. This course is more about questions than answers, and students are encouraged to approach aesthetics in the spirit of inquiry-arguing, challenging, and in general making the material personally relevant.

AETE 505 Curriculum and Issues in Visual Arts Education
An exploration of the philosophical, sociocultural, and personal issues that shape the teaching of art in schools. Students investigate current issues in education and analyze implications on the study of the arts. This course demonstrates how different philosophical convictions of the meaning of art lead to different curriculum models.

AETE 548 Teaching in New Media
This course covers issues of teaching art in new media through project-based inquiry. Students evaluate the role of computers and technology for existing art curriculum and develop projects that support the physical classroom experience. Both interactive screen-based and robotic sculpture assignments are employed. The course covers basics in HTML, Flash software and RCX programming for Lego robotic systems.

AETE 514 Research Investigations
Incoming students develop an area of interest for their research investigations and sample varieties of research directions, methodologies, and final presentation models. Visiting scholars and artists will enrich research possibilities. Faculty will advise on coursework that informs the students' thesis research.

AETE 547 Studio Investigations
Incoming students develop a proposal for studio work leading to the thesis exhibition,which takes place during the final semester of the program. Studio work supporting the thesis proposal is initiated in the class, resulting in a written thesis proposal at the end of the semester. Faculty and visiting artists critique student work and advise students on subsequent studio work. Students attend campus exhibitions and visiting artists' lectures.

AETE 571 Teacher Artist Travel Experience: Ecuador
The primary goal of this travel option is to prepare students for teaching about other cultures and with other cultures through the visual arts. This is accomplished in this course by bringing a high degree of critical inquiry to cultural assumptions and perspectives of other cultures. Students use immersive experiences in another country as the primary source material. They forge humanistic and compassionate cross-cultural relationships with artists and art educators in the host country while being engaged in studio experiences. Students are challenged to adapt to differences and consider various viewpoints as they deepen awareness of their own cultural perspectives through the reflexive process.

AETE 572 Issues in Contemporary Art
An introduction to the major issues in contemporary art and criticism in relationship to students' own practice and the global art worlds. This course will take a critical and historiographic perspective on major social/aesthetic problems such as expressionism, abstraction, identity politics, and relational aesthetics, among others. It will provide a introduction to major artists, movements and themes in contemporary art, including: geometric and gestural abstraction, conceptual art, institutional critique, political intervention, postmodernism, video, performance and installation art. It will emphasize how our understanding of art since the 1960s is continually being reframed by critical debate.

AETE 570 Artist Teacher Thesis Project
This course is a culmination of the specialization studies. The instructor functions as an advisor, suggesting supplemental work, structuring critiques and reviews, helping students further their own critical skills and self-evaluation process. Students provide peer review, working independently and collaboratively toward final exhibition or other presentation of their projects.