Bachelor of Fine Arts

Recognizing that the creative process of art making can offer a unique means of communication with diverse populations, artist-teachers are increasingly sought to provide instruction and support in contexts outside the role of the art teacher in schools.

The community-studio education program prepares student artists to teach in settings outside the K-12 classroom and/or to work with various populations of learners in settings such as after-school programs, recreation, medical and mental health settings. 

The studio focus encourages students to develop expertise in a particular studio area, ranging from communication and environmental design to two- and three-dimensional fine arts. The program focuses on depth rather than breadth, helping students deepen their understanding and appreciation of a chosen art form. Instead of the electives required in the art teacher education program, students in the community-studio education program are responsible for completing six credits each semester in their studio major.

The community education program includes a senior-level internship with a local organization. The major does not lead to preliminary or initial state licensure.