Bachelor of Fine Arts

Recognizing that the creative process of art making can offer a unique means of communication with diverse populations, artist-teachers are increasingly sought to provide instruction and support in contexts outside the role of the art teacher in schools.

The community education program prepares student artists to teach in settings outside the K-12 classroom and/or to work with various populations of learners in settings such as after-school programs, recreation, medical and mental health settings.  As in the other three education programs, students are exposed to a variety of art disciplines, including two- and three-dimensional art as well as new media and art history.  The program seeks to introduce students to a wide range of art forms so that they achieve a certain breadth of experience, rather than in-depth knowledge of a particular studio area, while also introducing them to the fields of community arts, community youth arts, and community education.

All students are required to complete interdisciplinary portfolio courses within the art education department, all of which include structured reviews of student work.

The community education program includes a senior-level internship with a local organization.  The major does not lead to preliminary or initial state licensure.