Welcome to MassArt!

Thank you for exploring our website. We welcome you to look through our pages and learn a little more about the first and only freestanding, publicly supported college of art and design in the United States.

We are very proud of our college and I believe we have the best and most vibrant community you would ever want to join.

In this website, you will discover more about this community, an outstanding group of artists, designers, educators, and talented faculty and staff, all dedicated to supporting and inspiring creativity in every form.

I believe that you will be inspired by the work of our world-class faculty and that the high-quality arts education we make accessible to our students will shine through.

I hope you will get a taste of our excitement in advancing MassArt's mission. Our goal is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to engage in the well-being of our society by participating in the creative economy as fine artists, architects, designers, and educators.

This is a great time in MassArt's history. As we welcome the Class of 2018, we are also implementing our next five-year plan, a strategic planning effort created by the entire MassArt community.

Over the course of the next academic year, we are also preparing for the opening of the MassArt Design and Media Center, which promises new opportunities for our students.

If you are thinking of applying to MassArt - as a student, as faculty, or as staff - I encourage you to experience first-hand the talent, passion, and innovation our current students, alumni, faculty, and staff bring to the creative industry. Here is the link to our Admissions page.

Take a tour of our campus, view a student exhibition, peruse the professional exhibitions in the Bakalar & Paine Galleries, engage with our community-based art programs, or register for a workshop in our studios. And of course, stop by and visit the President's Office.

Kurt Steinberg
Acting President