A message from the president

At Massachusetts College of Art and Design, our mission states, "we work to build diversity and inclusiveness in our faculty, staff, and student body... and we believe that diversity— in background, status, culture, and viewpoint— is essential to a vital and creative community."

MassArt works to create a community that embraces diversity and incorporates it into the very fabric of the college. This commitment starts at the top with goals and priorities established by the board of trustees and senior administrative and faculty leadership, and is sustained as it filters down through the institution at all levels.

As a result, faculty, staff, and students feel welcomed and respected for who they are; acknowledged for the experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that they bring; and valued for the contributions that they make to enrich and enhance the MassArt community. This commitment enhances the college internally as well as externally by creating a positive perception of the institution's commitment to diversity. The MassArt community works together to make the college a setting that recognizes, values, and embraces diversity as a real characteristic of the institution.


Marilyn Casey '08


With a generous use of color and an emphasis on storytelling, Casey strives to bring African American history to life in her paintings. "I never see my history represented in the paintings displayed at museums," she explains. Her work includes depictions of women picking cotton as well as portraits of historical figures such as Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner.