Quick Facts

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Fall 2011 Enrollment
BFA Enrollment: 1769
Graduate Enrollment: 147
Continuing Education: 510
Total Enrollment: 2426

Fall 2011 BFA Enrollment by Residency
Massachusetts: 70%
Other New England states: 19%
Outside of New England: 11%

Fall 2011 Faculty
Full-time: 101
Part-time: 162

Fall 2011 BFA Tuition and Fees
Massachusetts: $9,700
Other New England states: $16,600
Outside of New England: $26,400


Sarah Lubin, MFA '10


When she was eleven, she sold her first painting—to her grandparents. From these auspicious beginnings, Sarah Lubin, MFA ’10, went on to discover the works of Balthus and Piero della Francesca. Now Lubin feels privileged to study with painting faculty Roger Tibbetts, James Cambronne, and Vera Iliatova. “Faculty and visiting artists have helped me expand my technique and broaden the way I think about my work and about painting in general,” says Lubin.