From the Classroom to Professional Practice

MassArt isn’t just a place to learn. It’s a place where collaborations are born.

Whether it’s students pairing up across disciplines, faculty members working with staff, or any other combination, there is a lot of great work that comes from the MassArt community.

Max Grinnell is a big believer in the power of those collaborations. He’s an adjunct instructor who teaches the seminar Urbanism and the Aesthetic Muse at MassArt, but his work takes him all over the country as well as all over the Twittersphere.

“I like to talk to my students about using social media and the power of the written word to do what you love,” he said.

While he is very social online, he also brings social aspects offline. For example, on a project for the Massachusetts Department of Tourism he wrote a series of travel articles for their blog about unique and interesting things to do in the state. He could have snapped a few photos and called it done. But he had the idea to reach out to Regina Jay, a MassArt junior, to have her illustrate some of the notable landmarks and destinations.

“Here’s a really great opportunity to bring a student into the mix and get her some exposure,” Grinnell said. “I have been helped by many people professionally. I kind of wanted to give someone the same opportunity I had.”

Jay illustrated the Fisherman’s Memorial statue in Gloucester, MA. The work can be seen at

Keep up with Grinnell on his blog, The Urbanologist, and Jay on Pinterest.