Industrial Design Student Takes Top Honors at Regional Competition

For Carlos Escobar (industrial design, ’13), the path to winning IDSA’s Northeast District Student Merit Award was filled with obstacles.

Growing up in Colombia, access to education was not guaranteed. He worked diligently and made it to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. During his junior year, he contemplated dropping out but was encouraged by his classmates to continue. Then, when the district competition rolled around, the Boston metro area was on lockdown and it wasn’t clear whether he would make it to Hartford, Connecticut.

But, with the continued help of his classmates, Carlos did make it to the competition. Read more about the community that supported him, on the blog Solidworks.

At the competition, Carlos presented three projects:

  1. red4life, a fundraising tool for AIDS and HIV research
  2. A line of dinnerware inspired by Hipster culture that highlights the ability of designers to create and design products from scratch to completion
  3. Compass: a service product that helps people who travel frequently by making hotel rooms feel more like their own home.

Learn more about Carlos’ background and projects from IDSA.

The next step for Carlos is to present his work at the national IDSA competition in Chicago this August.

"It will be a great opportunity for me to represent MassArt and the work we do here," he said. "I am a very non-traditional industrial designer so I am very happy to have gotten this recognition."